Trying to rid yourself of an unwanted spirit?

Toronto/Ontarioghosts - 1999

This summer past has been a booming time for people who are trying to rid themselves of ghosts or spirits. Unfortunately, the GHRS in general do not "clear" ghosts nor are we "ghost-busters". We even shy from the term "ghosthunters" as we see ourselves more or less as documentarians or, as the name entails, researchers.

We specialize in documenting the history, witness reports and in some cases, the legends that have sprung up around ghosts and hauntings. We do work also with Para Researchers to try and capture "evidence" (if you will,) in terms of photographs, readings (sound, EMF, temperature, atmospheric, etc.) and recordings.

Still, we recognize the problems some people have with spirits or entities and we hope this page will help people come to a resolution to their problems.

If you wish to "clear a home", David LeFort, a paranormal investigator we have met through a radio program gave one of our readers the following recommendation...

As for house clearings, the first thing I would do is ask your priest or minister to come and bless the home. If it persists, then discuss the matter with the priest (Catholics do have loads of info on this) and have him do something.

If he refuses, remind him that it is clerical duty and you are not interested in his objections. Just do the job.

Denice Jones of L.I.F.E. has sent us the following advice...
  • If the ghost is frightening you, ask the ghost to stop it. They may not be aware of it.
  • If your child tells you he or she is seeing a ghost do not ask them to prove it! Help them adjust as quickly as possible. Ghost tend to attract to children as they are most venerable
  • DO NOT CHALLENGE any ghost if you smell foul smells, or someone is being physically hurt by an unseen entity, Contact someone who might be able to help you deal with the entity.

Denice also sent advice for dealing with your children and ghosts:
  • If your children says he or she is seeing a ghost let your child know that you believe him/her and that a ghost cannot harm them.
  • And please make the child aware that he/she has more control over the ghost and they can tell it politely to go away.
  • If your child wants to move to another siblings room to sleep let them, do not let that child live in fear. But try to step by step let him/her to get stronger. Leave the light on until they sleep. Promise you will check in every 1/2 hour and longer as days go on. Take your time with the child, you do not want permanent scars.

Denice also said this about ghosts in general...

Ghost are not a game. It is not nice to harass a ghost or laugh at it. If you do you may find it may get angry and hostile. So be careful, respect the unknown. As you would want the same respect. We all live in one universe, we have to wait our turn to enter theirs, so lets try to get along the best we can. And then when it is our turn to cross over then we will be able to understand fully what the entities have to face.

All the experts we have spoken to absolutely agree on one thing... It is NOT a good idea to try and use Ouija boards to "communicate" with ghosts. As a general rule, Ouija seems to exasperate the problems more than solve them.

Director of the GHRS, Matthew Didier is not a believer in Ouija and said this...

Regardless of my own beliefs and disbelief's, the human mind is a powerful thing indeed. If someone wishes to believe strongly enough, almost anything will become true (if nothing else, at least to the person who believes).

It has been my overwhelming experience that a Ouija session almost inevitably leads to negative results. This could in part be caused by the way in which most people pursue contact with a Ouija... Usually at night, in the dark and with an emphasis on atmosphere more than on actual contact and assuming a "non-believer" says they are contacting nothing more than their subconscious, this situation would be ripe for the "experiencers" to assume that they have now a dark and demonic presence with them then the suffering, real or imagined, begins.

Granted, if nothing else one should remember that they are using a "paranormal communication device" that's mass marketed by Parker Bros.

Denice Jones had this to say about Ouija...

What can I say about them to stop people from buying them and using them? Nothing I am sure as people's curiosity with the boards are so great. Just like some people lie in this world, SO DO SPIRITS! If you summon an entity you have no idea if they are who they say they are. You can get anyone or anything. They will say they are an old friend or family member to get your trust, then after that they become more erratic and try to really scare you. By the time you realize they are not who they said they are, the more energy they are getting out of you as you are afraid of them. REMEMBER FEAR GIVES OUT A LOT OF ENERGY!

Addition: January 2002
A great piece of advice missing from this document was given to us by two reputable psychics and has also been part of our own suggestions to people who wish to deal with a "ghost infestation"...

If you feel the presence or experience some phenomena, take control. There's no shame in saying out loud that this is your home now and you're quite prepared to live in peace and harmony but the entity or the phenomena is disturbing you and/or your family. Ask the entity (out loud) to understand your feelings and you will do your best to understand it's and hopefully, you will be able to coexist and possibly even be helpful to each other looking after the place that the phenomena is occurring in.

Remember, if you believe a "ghost" or an entity is based on or is of human origin, treating it with respect and as you would a person might be all that is needed to make sure things are harmonious in your home.

If you truly feel you have an entity that you need to be rid of and all the suggestions above have been tried or otherwise did not work, you can contact one of the following for help...
Although we are not directly related to nor work with the above, they are people we have come across who may be able to assist you in these matters.