If you do decide to venture out, where EXACTLY are you going? Aside from the obvious transportation needs, think carefully and try to find out something about the place you are headed.

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • 1: Is the place currently occupied?
  • 2: From whom do I need permission for my team and I to be there?
  • 3: How big should my team be?
  • 4: Is it a "likely" location for an investigation or not?
  • 5: Will I need anything special?
Let's examine each question:

In question one, if someone is sending you to an abandoned house, is it safe? If they no longer reside there, are the current owners going to be okay with your investigations? If it SEEMS abandoned, are you sure you don't need permission to go on the property? DO NOT TRESPASS.

Which brings us to question two. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Make sure that you can do your investigation LEGALLY and with all necessary permissions. How embarrassing would it be to get arrested while "ghost hunting"? Best to do things by the book.

Question three is an excellent question. In a small bungalow, a crew of thirty is definitely overkill. On the other hand, in an old fort or hospital, two people would be totally understaffing yourself. Judge the space before going and make the call based on this.

Question four sounds curiously negative but it's not. What if I said that the main walkways of a large super-mall are haunted? Are you willing to go with a team and wander around with EMF detectors taking random pictures? Also, as I oft point out cemeteries are usually NOT haunted. Ghosts tend to haunt where people lived, not where they are buried.

The fifth question is a good one for a travelling investigation. TAKE EXTRA POCKET MONEY, dress for the weather AND bring something if it might change. A portable umbrella is a great thing.