Several of the men who have bumped into this elusive stranger have managed to figure out that they stop near a grave of a young girl who was killed in the spot where they pick her up when her boyfriend (or fiancée in some versions,) crashes the car on the way to a big date (or prom again in some cases...)

Phantom hitch-hikers and riders are an EXTREMELY common folkloric tale. Is there truth to the stories? Who knows. Very sane, normal people have picked up ghostly riders and taken them to various places and had various things happen. The phenomena (due to the above story,) or the riders are usually labelled "Resurrection Marys".

One thing that no one has ever answered is... When "Resurrection Marys" disappear or leave the car, does the car make the same motion when someone leaves a car? Is there a noticeable "weight loss" in the car that's felt in the suspension?

Is this a "strictly" American or British phenomena? Apparently not.

The following reports were sent in by two of our readers and see if you recognize them...

Now I don't know if this is true or not but I'm going to tell it how it is. Some time last year after the summer their was reports on a ghost woman in a taxi cab. Now the story is that a taxi driver was driving in Mississauga at night and was taking a short cut through some country roads, when he saw a lady dressed in white standing on the side.

He stopped the car and asked the lady if she was o.k. "She said that she wanted to go home" he asked her where she lived she said "...not far."

The taxi cab driver then told the woman to get into the car, the woman said that she had no money, the cab driver did not care and told her to get in anyway.

Once they was on their way the reached the intersection of Eglinton and Mavis, the woman then asked if she could get out . The cab driver said yes and pulled over. The woman got out of the car and stood on the side of the road. As the driver was about to pull away he saw one thing that was not right............. the woman had backwards feet .

The following note was sent in by one of our readers about the "backwards feet" comment...

From Danti - The Inferno
Canto XX: Circle Eight

Synopsis: Here the fortune tellers and diviners are punished by having to walk forever with their heads on backwards and their eyes blinded with tears.

Note: fortune tellers and diviners is according to this particular translation. Other translations refer to them as seers and astrologers.

The cab driver then drove off and told everyone on his c.b what had happened.

Now this not the scary part, the scary part is that the during the same night people, in that area had been scared half to death. Their was reports of someone or something knocking on peoples doors, not just the front but also the backsliding doors and even windows.

Now I belive this because my own cousin had told me this. She said she was home and heard a knocking at the front door, so she goes down stairs to see why this person not pressing the door bell. the knocking keeps going until when she opens the door....... no one is there.

Two minutes later, again at the front door. She opens it and again no one, then as soon as she shuts the door the knocking was heard at the back sliding door. She then ran upstairs and locked her self in her room, and called her mom.

That night a lot of reports were told. Now what makes it interesting is that the knocking were not just at the front and back doors, but also windows , upstairs windows. Now I'm not sure if the story about the taxi cab driver is true but I know my cousin would not lie. I want o know if any one else has heard about the taxi cab driver .

Hot on this story (of which we are not second guessing it's validity,) we received the following...

When I was at camp back in the early sixties there was a story that went around about a cab on Dufferin street. In those days Dufferin was a dirt road. The story went like this...

It was a dark and stormy night. There was a girl with a suitcase walking up Dufferin Street alone. A cab came along and picked her up.

She wanted to go to an address on Dufferin Street. As they drove along he (the cabby) talked to her but every time he looked in his rear view mirror she was gone. This continued for some time they talked he looked. He finally pulled up in front of the home and went to open the door for her but she was not there.

He grabbed her suitcase and went up to the front door. The door was opened so he walked in right into the living room looking for the woman so he could get paid. There was an elderly woman sitting there by a fireplace. She was startled by him and wanted to know what he wanted.

He told her he just brought a woman here and wanted to get paid. As he said this he looked a beautiful portrait of a young woman. He asked, who she is and the elderly woman told him "MY DAUGHTER", he told her that the picture is the woman he had just brought there.

She told him that could not be because she died three years ago that very night.

Now, these stories vary and the first has added twists. Do you have any thoughts on these stories? How about "Resurrection Marys" or maybe (in Canada,) "Tim Horton Tinas"(? sorry, had to interject Canadiana into it somewhere.) that seem to be "popping into" cars on Canada's roads... Any thoughts? Have you had a first hand experience with these ghostly passengers? if so, please e-mail us at:

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