The following account was submitted by one of our readers...

I have a very interesting story to tell.

It had back on the night of a day in January 1998.

The time was about 3am in the morning. It all started as I was heading down on Don Mills as I just past Lawrence Ave, a white Monte Carlo late 80's pulled up to me at a stop light. He was on my left side. It was a well lighted area, even though I could see his hands, they were brownish or blackish.

The person had curly hair, its like the style from the 1980's. I could not see his face.

Since I had to turn left at Don Mills and Eglington, I had to over take his car, as I was doing so, I passed him, signaled left, and pulled in front of him.
After I done that, I looked into my car rear view mirror, and the car was gone! I know that it was gone, cause the car was not there, it was bright enough outside by the lights along the road to see if a car is there or not.

Keep in mind, that this stretch of Don Mill's have a centre islands lined with trees separating the left and right side the traffic flow.

There are pedestrian walkways where people can cross. But other than that I knew it was physically impossible for the car to cut 3 lanes to the right and make a right turn without squealing his tires.

This stretch is a 3 lane road! He could not of turned left because of the islands!

This is even before cutting Wynford Drive!

After this incident I had numerous car accidents 2 days later! Friends and co-workers that have sat in my car for a quick ride to lunch or to go out was either really sick the day after or have had an car accident.

After I told the story to my father at church, he reassured me that it would not happen to me again, and that everything will be allright.

So far he is right. Just thinking of it spooks me!
One must note that this particular intersection is one of if not the worst in Canada for traffic accidents. If you have anything to add or wish to ask any questions, please access our message board or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..