We received the following report in March 2006. The family's experiences began in the 1970's and continued until they moved 12 years later. We will allow the primary witness to explain in his own words:

My family (back then) consisted of my parents, a younger sister, a younger brother, myself, and my older brother, a total of 6 members.

When we first moved into the home in the mid 70’s, there was only the 4 of us. From my understanding, we were the 2nd original home owners to move into that house from the time the home builder sold the home. The first family oddly enough sold the home quite quickly from the time they bought it, but were never questioned if the reason was due to financial issues or something else.

I was just entering my junior kindergarten years, and it seemed that weird issues with the home did not start until after my younger brother was born in ’78 or that I can recall. My parents, especially my mother, seems to think that even when we moved into that house we had problems, and it was just that I was too young to remember them.

We stayed in that house for about 12 years, and it was the 12 most weirdest years of our lives. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't creepy all of the time. We had a lot of great times at the house, but the days when it got creepy, it would get very creepy. You'd have to look at it from my parents’ point of view (why they stayed so long, and did not make their experiences public) they always said, "A young family of 4 going onto 5, and all their hard earned money was invested in the home and the bills from the mortgage and the business piled up. God forbid we said anything to the public in that they would think we were nuts, furthermore that when we had enough to get out of there, that nobody would buy our home if we openly spoke about our experiences."

The following are just some of the weird experiences encountered in the house and not in exact order of occurring:

· Younger brother's bedroom has his bed located against the wall. Above the bed on the wall he sticks a triangular Toronto Maple Leafs banner using scotch tape. During the night when going to bed, he finds his banner placed face down on his bed peeled off the wall. We then precede this routine for 3 days straight. After the 3rd day we decide to crazy clue the 3 corner tips of the banner on the wall. That night, banner is again is faced down on his bed and where the super glue points were placed on the wall, the paint was peeled right off and still attached to the banner lying on the bed... Maple Leaf hater ghost?

· Other objects from other rooms fall off the walls such as pictures, wall mounted phones.

· Occasional times something would be constantly banging lightly on the side of the furnace wall. When a person approached the furnace for investigation, the banging stops, when departing from the furnace location, banging begins again, constant routine.

· Family members are located on family room floor. From the family room area a person can hear the fridge in the downstairs kitchen open up, things vibrating such as beer bottles and containers and then the fridge door slamming shut hard.

· Mother has a semi-sleep-semi-awake dream that a man enters her room and attacks her by choking and shaking her violently which my mother is paralyzed that she cannot move or speak a word but does not tell her children about it. Same man is described by myself attacking me in my dreams moves up from the feet area to my head, covers my whole body paralyzing me.

Investigator's Notes:Please note that while the above resembles a sleep disorder aptly named Sleep-Paralysis it is very interesting that both mother and son visualized the same man! This would cast serious doubt to sleep-paralysis as being the causation)

· Older brother wakes up from a dead sleep, walks to younger brothers’ room, asks for one brother to move over to lay next to him staring at the ceiling until mother forces the older brother to go back to own bed. Next morning older brother does not remember the night before’s event.

· Myself, waking up around 3am finding myself staring down the bedroom staircase with both my feet halfway off the edge of the top staircase step.

· Waking up one morning finding that a white cloudy circular orb is staring me right in the face from the side of my bed and with a quick blink of fright it is gone.

· Upstairs kitchen during a thunderstorm, my older brother and myself are talking to one another across a circular table, and the lights go out for a split second which reveals a cloudy white thin entity hovering above the table between the both of us and then gone after a split second.

· Pet canary from time to time would fly from cage wall to cage wall frantically as if it is trying to get away from something that wants to touch it. Pet canary goes completely haywire in the cage enough for my mother to cause intervention, open the cage and hold it in her hand to calm it down.

·Televisions in the family room and basement den turns off and on by itself, but happens on rare occasions.

· Radio on top of fridge in the downstairs kitchen turns on and off by itself, but happens on rare occasions.

· There had been some mornings when nobody is upstairs in the bedroom floor area that when the light shines in from the east windows and reflects shadows on the staircase wall that you can see shadows moving upstairs that resembles a person.

· Had a developed photograph of the basement den that you can see the television is turned off, but there is an apparition of a woman’s face with long hair staring out of the television, but no other object content on the screen to show that the television may be on and set to a channel.

· My younger sister almost on a daily basis during some weeks would start talking in her sleep at exactly 1:15am in full understandable sentences to someone in the room to leave her alone and go ask someone else to play with them. These sessions would last a good 10-15 minutes at a time.

· My younger sister (back then) collected a doll rock group set called ‘Jem & the Holograms’. One piece of this set was a tiny little organ powered by a watch battery. During the very early hours of the morning (1am-3am), you can hear the organ playing very softly from the bedroom closet. By the time you approached their bedroom the sound would stop, and by the time you got settled in your own bed it would start again.

· Family vacation for 6 weeks requires house sitting by our grandfather. Returning home, grandfather states that he hasn't been scared in all of his life more than being in our home alone listening to noises of things moving and someone walking.

· Family brings in 2 different Orthodox Priests during 2 separate occasions to bless the house.

· Last day living at house, after all furniture was relocated to new home, younger sister and next door neighbour perform a walk through of the empty home. They are alone. Being scared out of the house from the sounds of heavy footsteps echoing from bedroom level coming down the staircases.

· One situation, we were awakened by the fire department to evacuate our home because the home attached to ours has their furnace catch on fire. While talking to home owners family on road, they claim weird banging noises on furnace wall for several days before the event that would stop when they tried to investigate the problem.

During the day, the house is pleasant, but takes on a whole new look during the evening. When I was younger coming home during the night with my family, I always would have this sort of fear that something from the dining room/living room porch window was staring at us coming up the driveway.

The witness and his family speculate that the haunting may still continue and would like to hear from anyone who may have further information. (Please note that we will not confirm an exact address.) They are also curious as to why so many of the street names in the area are of Native tribes.
Our thanks to the witness and his family for sharing their experiences with us.

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