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... I'd also like to pass on a story that I'm aware of that you might not be.

I've worked in the film industry, mostly commercials, for the last few years. I've had occasion to work for a company near Queen St. East and Parliament. About a block to the west is a school.

There was an article in a local magazine about old graveyards in Toronto. (Editors note: Toronto Life Magazine, October 1997 - "The Resting Place" and a map of Toronto's Cemeteries in the November issue as well.) One of the graveyards was located where the schools playground now stands. In the article it listed where the graveyards were, when they were moved, when the tombstones were moved and where the graves are now located. The graveyard that stood where the school is now has records of the tombstones being moved, but nothing about the actual graves themselves.

As a bunch of us were joking around about the fact that they probably didn't move the bodies (I can't confirm this) several people that work full time at the company started mentioning how people feel strange working late in the editing suites. These suites are located in the basement of the building and several people said they had a strange feeling they weren't alone when working late. Nothing they could put their finger on, just a wierd feeling. Call it the creeps. The building itself has been renovated, there's nothing creepy about it, but there are still a few people who won't work late unless there's somebody else there.
The author wished to remain anonymous and stresses he cannot confirm that the bodies in question were not moved.

UPDATE: This was sent in by one of our readers...

Your story about Queen and Parliament made me queasy. As all submissions are anonymous, I don't know who posted that, but I would bet that the property in question is at Queen St. E and Sumach (I read those other two submissions about Sumach street as well). I used to work at that building and there were many stories about what it had been in the past, the most passed around one being that it was a slaughterhouse, which is why all the floors were slanted down from the walls. I don't know if that's true, but why would you need slanted floors on the second floor?

I had an office for over a year in that building near the elevator, which at first I shared with a man, and then a woman who's father is a clairvoyant.

One night, it was very late and I was in a hurry to get home. It is not uncommon for people to work in the building all night, I had done so on many occasions. My computer was giving me a problem, so as I waited for it to restart, I put on my coat near the door to the office.

Suddenly, I saw a man standing in the doorway out of the corner of my eye. I whipped around, startled, and he was gone. I thought it was another person in the office playing a trick on me, so I called out to him that it wasn't funny. No one answered and there was no sound of the door around the corner closing. I called again to anyone and no one answered. I got that feeling of cold with every hair standing up on my neck and to keep myself from panicking, I kept repeating out loud, I've got to get home. I checked the floor very quickly (you have to before you set the alarm) and no one was there. It wasn't until I was halfway home that I was calm enough to seriously think about what had happened. All I could think was that it was a man, wearing a hat, possibly of Italian or Portuguese background, about 5'8" and heavyset. And the date of 1910, why I don't know. He seemed curious and maybe slightly mischievous.

I didn't tell anyone about this for several months. Then, one day I happened to mention it to someone when my female office mate was there and she said, "you mean you've seen it, too?" Apparently, she'd heard it or felt it at least 3 times since moving into that office.

I have told the story to some people, some believe, some don't. Until that day, I had never experienced anything like that, the occasional floating cold patch that couldn't be explained or something, but never actually saw "something." I consider myself a rational person, and when all other explanations don't work, then it's time to consider the "irrational" ones. Do I believe in ghosts? I will neither confirm nor deny that they exist.

However, there are just some things that cannot be explained any other way. If you decide to post this story, I would like to remain anonymous.
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