In March 2006 we received the following report about this office complex here in Toronto:

    "I've been working as a security guard at ** Yonge Street, which is currently the GWL Realty Advisors building. I've been informed by a cleaner working in this building, her mother(a former cleaner at the site) and an employee from one of the floors of a few hauntings taking place in the past six years. The first haunting I was told about,took place 6 years ago, during a summer weekend.

    The cleaner who told me about this haunting was 14 years old at the time, and saw a woman dressed in 19th century attire appear from Yonge Street, go past the water fountain inside the building, disappear there,then reappear and head towards Scott Street, where she finally disappeared.

    She was entirely in white and looked lost. There were several witnesses, including two guards, the cleaner and the cleaner's mother."

    April 2006 follow up includes the eyewitness testimony of both cleaners. The cleaners names have been changed in order to protect their privacy.

Susie's version:

    It was a summer afternoon six years ago; a Saturday, at 2:30 pm. I was 14 at the time and my mother was a cleaner at 33 Yonge Street. I was keeping her company that day and we were close to the security desk on the ground floor. This building has two entrances/exits, the western one located at Yonge Street, and the eastern one, located at Scott Street.

    We were close to the security desk near the Yonge Street entrance. Back then the desk was located north of where it is today, on the wall beside a steak restaurant. I was leaning against the eastern side of the desk and my mother was close to its western side. A guard was sitting at the desk when the apparition took place.

    This woman in white, dressed in nineteenth century attire, appeared at Yonge Street and entered through the glass door to the north and went past the wooden chairs that were located west of the water- fountain that still exists. Once she reached the water-fountain, she disappeared only to make her reappearance.

    She was walking through the building as if she were lost and trying to figure her way through. She headed towards Scott Street and once she left the building she disappeared.

    There were several witnesses, including my mother, the guard on duty, the people going to the restaurants or passing through and me. The guard looked at me and said,"Did you see that? That's not normal!" This building was full of cameras six years ago as it is now, but the funny thing is that when the guard rewound the monitor for the time this woman in white made her appearance, there was nothing at all; the cameras did not record her.

    Jane's version:

    The woman came east from Scott Street and headed west through the elevator lobby. She went past the security desk which back in those days was located on the northern wall east of the steak restaurant. I was standing west, slightly in front of the security desk, and she went by me and headed towards Yonge Street.

    She was about five or six feet away from where I was standing. She opened the door which was on the right side of the revolving doors, went outside and headed toward Le Marche and stood there, staring at it. I went to the loading dock (which leads to Wellington) got into my car, which was parked there, and drove there, but as I did, she disappeared.

Our thanks to the security guard who initially contacted us and the two cleaning ladies for their reports.

Has anyone seen this mysterious lady since? If you can add further information or have had a similar encounter we would like to hear from you.

Thank you!