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The following report was sent into us earlier this month (Oct. 2007):

"Had a strange series of elevator experiences Oct. 6-8 at the Le Royal Meridien King Edward Hotel on King Street. The hotel was practically deserted due to the long holiday weekend. On several occasions, the elevator was open and waiting at our floor, ready to take us to the lobby. We only had to call the elevator once or twice the whole weekend from our floor. On Monday morning, after going for a coffee run, I got on the elevator and noticed that my floor number was already illuminated, as if someone had pushed it for me. Very considerate, because my hands were full. The only problem was that I was the only person who got on, and no one had gotten off. On several occasions, the elevator stopped at the 2nd and 12th floors, and on two separate occasions, we absent-mindedly got off and almost tried to get into the wrong room! The best event of all was when we were leaving the hotel to check out. We pressed the elevator call button, and TWO elevators arrived and opened at the exact same moment, right across from each other.


We got on, laughing and joking about the hotel ghost. Then, both elevators stopped at the same time on the 12th floor. Very eerie to look out of one elevator at another, whose doors opened and closed at exactly the same time as ours. Especially since it was empty. As an aside, we stayed on the 16th floor, directly below the purportedly haunted, long deserted Crystal Ballroom on the 17th floor. The elevator no longer goes to the 17th floor, and while the elevator button panel still lists the 17 floor, there is no call button to press."

The witness went on to relate the following:

I've never had an experience like this, and the thing is that we really had the feeling that someone or something was having a lot of fun at our expense. It was eerie, but very interesting, fun and funny all at the same time. I forgot to mention that the front desk clerks and the bell staff assured us that there were no other reports of the elevators waiting for people or stopping at the wrong floors"


Update 2010 one of our readers writes:


"I traveled from the US to Toronto on business. My firm  put me up at the King Edward, where I stayed in room XXX for three nights. My experience took place the first night. I was exhausted from traveling, and was sleeping very hard when I heard a scratching noise. It sounded like it came from the wall between the living area and the bathroom. The hotel was half empty, and there was no one staying in the room next to me, so it wasn't another guest. I tried to ignore it because I didn't want to wake up, but it persisted and got louder and louder. I finally awoke fully, and the scratching stopped. I was scared by then. I turned on the light and took a good look throughout the room, but saw nothing unusual, and heard nothing else.  I had a very, very uneasy almost depressed feeling, and it took me awhile to get back to sleep. The next night I wore earplugs to bed and left a light on! It was a very creepy experience. I would love to know if you've heard of any similar stories."


Update November 2011 one of our readers writes:


 "My husband and I went to the Meridien King Edward Hotel in Toronto yesterday for afternoon tea after the Santa Claus parade.  In the Ladies' room on the main floor, I had what I would call a 'friendly' incident with a playful ghost. First of all, the toilet didn't flush and the handle broke off in my hand. Unusual, but perhaps not paranormal? Then, after I washed my hands in the sink under one of those automated taps, the water would not stop running. At first I thought the automated tap sensor was broken, but then it just seemed to shut off by itself, then it came back on and went off again in quick succession several times, even though there was no one near the sink.  It occurred to me that when taps malfunction, they don't usually do that.  At this point, I had the distinct feeling that some unseen guest was playing with me. I stayed to watch the hijinks. After a minute or so of this 'on and off' game, the tap turned off completely of its own accord and I felt the show was over. It was not in the least frightening, and it felt almost comforting."

I was just wondering whether anyone else has had this experience in the King Eddie of a sort of 'friendly' haunting?


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