This story however, is regarding my grandparents house, my dad's parents, my "nana and papa." The home is in what was known as "Scarborough", located off of Danforth Avenue, between Pharmacy and Victoria Park. The address is XXXX  St. Dunstan Drive.

My grandparents moved into this home in 1964, and were the second owners, apparently a man owned it after it was first built, but was only in the home a couple of years before he sold it to my grandparents. My grandparents had six children, one that died shortly after birth, but the other five all lived in this house at one time or another, even if only a short time, until they married and moved out. I wasn't born until 1972.

Growing up I spent alot of time at my grandparents house, every weekend, most of my summer break, and of course during family get togethers. My family was a very close one.  All of my grandparents children and their kids ( my cousins, me included) got together regularly at my grandparents house every weekend for dinner, and always got together and celebrated at their house for family members birthdays, anniversaries, and on holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years etc. My grandparents not only lived in the house, but my aunt (my dad's younger sister) and her two children.

Spending time in that house was kinda' creepy. I never discussed it with anyone when I was a kid, but remember that no matter what room you were in, it always felt like you were being watched, it was very eerie.

I remember many times playing in the basement or in a bedroom in that house with my cousins and, or my brother, and feeling like I was being "watched". It was even stronger if you were alone in the room, and really creepy. You'd feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

I remember many times looking over my shoulder expecting to see someone there, positive someone was in the room, of course only to see nothing.

Even when playing outside of that house, I'd find myself looking up to a window expecting to see someone looking out at us, but there was never anyone in the window. Sometimes out of the corner of my eye, I'd catch what looked like someone ducking around a corner.  I'd go investigate only to find nothing.

In that house you'd hear what sounded exactly like footsteps walking around up in the attic, and the footsteps would "walk" down the attic steps and simply stop at the attic doorway. I thought I was the only one to hear this, since I was usually alone when I heard it, and many times ran to one of my grandparents absolutely creeped out to tell them what I heard, in which my grandparents always told me simply that it was "squirrels". I remember thinking "squirrels make that much noise when they walk?", but I was small and believed their explanation, after all, I had no reason to doubt them.

I remember one night sitting in the living room watching t.v with my grandparents, no one else was there with us, my aunt and my cousins were out at the time, and my brother wasn't spending the night there. Right above our heads it sounded like someone walking around, you could hear faint footsteps and the floor squeaking, just like it did when someone walked around upstairs in the bedrooms.  My grandparents knew I was scared I guess by the look on my face, and casually told me that it was "the floor boards settling".

At times it wasn't just footsteps, but it sounded like kids running around, playing up stairs. I remember once in the daytime being in the kitchen with my grandma, no one else was in the house with us and it sounded like people/kids playing, running around upstairs. It creeped me out, I looked up at my grandma who was peeling potatoes for dinner, she put down the potato she was peeling, and the peeler, went down the hall to the bottom of the stairs, looked up the stairs and yelled "you guys keep it down up there, someone could get hurt".

Immediately the noise stopped.

My grandma came back to the kitchen and continued to peel the potato she had been peeling.  I was staring at her and said "who were you talking to just now"?  She simply smiled at me and said "oh, now don't you worry". If my grandma wasn't too worried, then I figured I shouldn't be either, and didn't bother to mention it again.  If I heard it again I would simply pay no attention to it.

My grandparents lived in that house until they sold it in the 1980s, I was 14.

Unfortunately as families sometimes do, my family kind of drifted apart after my grandfathers' passing, we didn't get together as much as we used to. My grandma passed away in  1995.

It was a couple of years after my grandma's passing when much of my family was at a family get-together at my parents house.
It included my mom and dad, me and my brother, my uncle (my dad's brother), his wife, and two kids, and my aunt and her two children that lived in that same house with my grandparents,

I can't remember who brought it up first, but we were all laughing, sharing many stories, happy memories of our childhood in that house, when someone brought up the fact that they always felt being "watched" in the house, and found the house to be very creepy.

Everyone started sharing their feelings and experiences, and I found out that I wasn't the only one to experience all the strange happenings!

My cousins, and brother also shared them, including hearing the footsteps, only to have my grandparents tell them "it was squirrels", to hearing what sounded like kids running around upstairs. Apparently my grandma "scolded" the noise makers in front of them too, leaving them wondering also who she was talking to.

My aunt who lived there with my grandparents said she hated being home alone in that house because she always felt like someone was watching her. She too heard the footsteps and strange noises, and said she never believed the squirrel explanation or that it was the floor boards settling. My uncle (my dad's brother) and my mom shared similar feelings and experiences, and of feeling eerily creeped out.

The only one who had never experienced anything was my dad.

I found out also, that apparently my grandma very much believed she knew who were the ones who used to "play" upstairs, making all the noise. She also apparently would "see" them from time to time.

I also discovered that day that I'm not the only one in my family who "sees" or experiences things other people do not.

My aunt, uncle and younger cousin all have this ability also, oddly enough they're my dad's siblings, dad, the same man who has never experienced anything unusual or "paranormal". His mom, my "nana" apparently shared this ability also.

Many times through the years, myself as well as other family members have passed by the old house when in that neighborhood and wonder if it still is infact "haunted?"

As for what or who it is I have no idea but all of my family (aunts, uncles, cousins) agree on one thing, we shared lots of happy times in that house.  Many, many good memories in that house, despite all the creepiness. Thanks for letting me share this with you.

Our thanks go out to the witness for sharing these experiences with us.

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