We received an e-mail from one of our visitors about a house in the beaches that definately had an presence.

The house was owned by an lady-friend of the web-visitor who told her of the following incidents...

When the couple first moved in, the lady would sometimes see things out of the corner of her eye then feel as if soemthing had passed by her. In the early evening, footsteps would be heard walking from the back room through the house and although she noticed these things fairly frequently, she never really mentioned it to her husband.

Finally, one day, they were watching television when something went across the room. The two looked at each other and finally admitted to each other that yes, something more than once was happening in the house that could not be explained.

When their first child was an infant, the lady of the house was one day cooking in the kitchen leaving the child in his carriage perched near the top of their basement stairs. She felt a tap on her shoulder which she took as a warning about her son and raced to find that the carriage was bordering on plumeting down the basement steps.

One babysitter and several relatives also experienced "something" as they refused to return to the home let alone spend the night.

Time passed and another son came into the couples life. If the mother put one of the boys in the window bed of the room and a storm broke, she would find him safely tucked into the wall bed claiming "the man" had tucked him in. The child would also play with "the man" but the parents never saw the apparition.

A psychic was called in after among the other alarming incidents was the slamming of a small wooden door to the under parts of the cellar stairs.

The psychic explained that their ghost was the former owner of the home who often had napped in the back room of the house. There was also, explained the psychic, a mean-spritited (forgive the pun) ghost of a child that the grandfather spirit tried to contain in the area beneath the cellar stairs thus explaining the slamming of that door. The psychic warned the couple not to ever open that door.

The lady called the previous owner and confirmed that the ghost could be that person's father who did indeed often nap in the small back room.

After a while, the couple decided to renovate the home and in the process decided to knock out an upstairs wall. On a Friday night, they dismantle the wall and then go away for a weekend to return and finish the job on the following Sunday. When they arrived back home, the wall was mysteriously half built back up again. They decided that the ghost was thinking that they were trying to damage the home so the next time, they bought all the materials needed to do the job in one day. After the initial job was finnished, they never had the same experience doing renovations.

On one Christmas morning, they woke to find all the decorations taken off their Christmas tree and lying about on the floor. They called the previous owner to find out a possible explanation and were informed that the ghost's son had died that Christmas Eve. Assuming that the ghost wasn't feeling terribly festive, he had removed the items so as not to celebrate the sad occasion.

Finally, after a time, the familly decided to move to a new home in the North of Toronto. The next morning, after the final decision had been made, they awoke to find the kitchen chairs had been thrown about. Again they assumed that their ghostly guest had not wished for them to leave.

The night before the move, the lady, unable to sleep decides to stroll around the house. Once she goes to the front window she sees an old man in grey pants, a shirt and a sweater, possibly smoking a pipe looking back at the house. The lady beleives this was the night he also finally left his old house.