Recently I had the pleasure of watching a British-based documentary called "Ghosts of the London Underground." This well done film covered the ghost stories associated with London's subway system known as the "tube."

Here in Toronto our own subway system has several eerie stories attached to it some well known, and others not known by many outside of TTC staff. The following is a report I received last week, (Oct. 2007) you decide if this might just be another TTC ghost ... or perhaps something else.

I was on the subway with a friend several years ago (unfortunately, I can't remember which station). It was a hot summer afternoon (about 2pm), and as we were waiting for our train to come, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I turned slightly, and noticed a couple (maybe in their early 40's) standing about 5 feet away from me.

However, the man and woman struck me as somewhat...peculiar, to say the least. I noticed that they were wearing what appeared to be late 19th-century costumes: the woman was clad in a fancy hat with a feather, a pretty elaborate dress; the man in a hat, vest, dressy pants, polished shoes, etc. While I initially thought it was a strange look to be sporting on the subway of all places, I figured they must be going to a costume party or something. But as I thought about it, I asked myself, "Who would be going to a costume party THIS early in the day? And WHY would you be on the SUBWAY in clothing like that?"

I looked back at them, and also noticed that they weren't carrying anything contemporary: you'd think that the woman would at least be carrying her purse, or that they'd have cell phones. Nothing. They were just standing there. They didn't talk to each other at all, either. What struck me as REALLY strange was that no one else seemed to acknowledge them. It certainly isn't every day that people in outfits like that mosey onto the train!

Anyway, the train came, and we got on, while the mystery couple got onto the car in front of us. As my friend and I sat down, I said, "Those people must have been really hot in those outfits!"

My friend gave me a strange look and asked me what I was talking about. I told her that I was referring to the couple that was standing near us as we were waiting for the train.

"What couple?" she asked.

I told her that there was a couple in 19th-century-type outfits standing a few feet away from us in the station.

"To our right," I said.

"There was no one there..." my friend said.
Our thanks to the witness, for this report.

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