The following report was submitted by one of our readers.

The facts I'm going to tell you are told by my mother and stepsister, where most of the activity seemed to center.

Only one thing happened to me that I can recall, and I'm not sure if that can be dismissed as a nightmare or not. My memory is foggy about it. My stepfather doesn't really talk about it all that much. I was 6 at the time, my sister 5.

The house, located in Bowmanville Ontario, was an old, run down rental when we moved into it in 1984. My parents were told that it was over 100 years old and judging by the architecture and construction that I remember, that would be an accurate age.

It's a two story house, a nice old style porch on the front, and it used to have a huge willow tree on the front lawn which, unfortunately, has since been cut down. The house still stands, with new owners.

On the day that my parents moved in, the former residents were moving out. These were a group of known drug addicts, and were more or less thought of by the locals as scum.

They told my parents things that they had seen and heard, like toilets flushing by themselves, and gave mocking warnings about "weird stuff" happening in the house. My parents dismissed the comments due to the reputations of the people.

Events started happening almost immediately, the first we noticed was the strong smell of baking bread in the living room, which used to be the kitchen before an addition was put on to the house at some unknown date. There had been no baking done by my parents in weeks.

Wondering where the smell was coming from, my mother went outside, stood by each window in the living room, and couldn't smell a thing. Upon returning to the living room, the smell was still strong. This occurred a few times during our stay in the house.

Next noticed was items being moved and disappearing in the kitchen, which as I stated was an addition to the house. My stepfather worked early in the morning, and to save time he'd fill up the kettle with water, and set a coffee mug out filled with instant coffee and sugar each night before he went to bed.

Quite often in the mornings, he'd come downstairs and the cup would be gone, sometimes to return hours later, sometimes, even days later and sometimes to never be seen again. Each time one was returned, it would be empty of the coffee he put in it.

Some mornings he would come downstairs to find the kitchen chairs pushed up to the counter, and the cupboards above open. He questioned both me and my sister about this, but neither of us admitted it. It would have been nearly impossible for us to sneak downstairs at night, due to my parent's bedroom being right in front of the stairs, and the hallway had very squeaky floorboards.

Less often voices and noises were heard by my mother. The first that was heard was a small boy.

My mother sent my sister and I to the store down the road on an errand. She was in the house alone, upstairs folding laundry. After a few minutes, she heard a small boy call from downstairs...

She heard "Hi mom" in a voice she describes to be "disappointed or sad".

She, thinking it was me, asked if the store was closed. When she got no response, she went downstairs to find the house still empty.

My sister and I returned 10 minutes later.

The second sound my mother heard was while she was in the bathroom on the second floor.

She says while in there, she suddenly smelled a rather strong, "old-spice" smelling mans cologne. She couldn't understand this, because my stepfather only had one bottle of cologne which he kept in the bedroom, and it smelled nothing like old-spice. She then began to look in the cupboards under the sink, thinking something might have spilled over.

It was then that she heard a "deep, heavy, raspy" noise from directly behind, approx. 3 feet over her head.

She froze, and listened.

As the noise became clearer she says it was distinctly the sound of a man breathing. She said the hair on her neck rose, and she had the feeling that if she turned around to see something bad would happen.

She closed her eyes, and after a few minutes, the sound and the smell were gone. The smell returned on a few occasions, but the breathing was never heard again.

At this point, my mother began to look into the history of the house, and found through old newspapers that a man that lived there had fallen down the stairs and broken his neck.

She could find nothing about a little boy, which she strongly believed there was the presence of in the house.

About six months before we moved, the events began to focus on my sister. She still clearly remembers these events today.

The first thing she remembers is the sight of three glowing forms going up and down the stairs, she had a clear view of the stairs from where her bed was in the bedroom.

She told my mother at the time that one was big, one was small, and one was in between. This continued for weeks until my mother moved the bed into a part of her bedroom where the stairs couldn't be seen.

In later weeks, my sister began having nightmares, and would repeatedly wake us all up by crying and screaming in her sleep.

She said she was dreaming of three "witches" who would set fire to her bed.

One night, we all were woken up to a loud commotion coming from her room, and her screaming and crying. When they entered her room, the bed was moved, and she kept saying "the witches were trying to burn my bed".

She says she recalls the 3 glowing form around her bed, which was shaking and bumping around the room. She slept in my parent's room until we moved a few weeks later, due to my father's job moving to Cambridge.

The only event that I can recall has to do with my bedroom closet.

In it, I would see a pair of glowing eyes, that would start out from what looked to be about 50 feet away, and would slowly advance to the entrance of the closet.

As soon as they reached the entrance, they would disappear. I remember this happening a few times, but as I stated before, it happened a long time ago, and simply could have been nightmares.

That's all I can remember off hand. I'll ask my family about it soon, and make sure I got everything correct.

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