One of the most common things we are asked at the GHRS is "How and exactly what do you do?" It is for this question we created these pages which are a re-write of a handout we give to "active members" of the TGHRS. I hope you find it useful and informative.

"A man is accepted into a church for what he believes and he is turned out for what he knows."
- Mark Twai

These webpages are an ever growing project by The Ghost and Hauntings Research Society. These pages will be a guideline for the investigation of ghosts, hauntings and related manifestations. It has come about by reading how other groups and individuals go about what they do as well as our own experiences and not to mention our many, many mistakes from the past.

We hope to try and do what no other group is attempting. We are trying neither to prove nor disprove anything! Certainly, there are perfectly logical explanations that revolve around things perceived as paranormal that are perfectly normal but occasionally, even the deepest hearted sceptic has to agree that there are no good "natural" answers. What's sad is that the overzealous believers neglect the possibilities of scientific or natural answers to these mysteries and sceptics refuse to back down from the idea that there might be a possible paranormal event that defies scientific scrutiny.

We try very hard to see both sides of this coin. We try to look into all possibilities without discounting one for the other. We try to look into not only the legend, mythos and first-hand accounts of ghosts and hauntings but when out on investigation, we extend our mandate to include looking into the scientific process of capturing and explaining phenomena.

Although we will have detractors in both camps of people interested in the paranormal, I would remind the reader that there are always answers. Some supernatural, some natural. For example, it's inevitable that every time we prove that the strange sounds heard in an old house are articles being blown about by wind in an attic, someone will show us why that can't be the answer. Conversely, every time we throw up our hands and say that we cannot explain a situation through scientific or even standard observation techniques, there will be a slew of perfectly normal explanations put forward to say why we're off our nut for not being able to accept a scientific reason for that particular phenomena.

Our experience to date has shown that no matter what stand you take or don't take, many people will automatically draw conclusions about your efforts and more oft than not, the conclusion they draw is that you are completely wrong. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

As an investigator/researcher, remember, it's best not to take a hard stand and let everyone have their say regardless of your personal views or even if all evidence points to their views being very... different. Diplomacy will get you much farther than any other practice.

So, now to the "meat" of these pages... How we would LIKE to perform our tasks. I say it like this, since there are no "perfect" situations. One, when "in the field", must adapt, adopt and improve on any guidelines. Situations may arise that you cannot handle and never, ever count on human counterparts to follow "the rules"... It's best to adapt to all environments and do the job the best you can.

As a quick note, the quote at the top of this page is not strictly based on the "spiritual" aspects... There are two churches of the paranormal, the sceptical and the absolute believer. All in all, with that choice, it might be best to stay a non-practicing agnostic.

NOTE: Still want more info about us? Try reading through our "doctrines", Click Here and please have a read!

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