My wife and I moved to an apartment near Bloor & The West Mall in May of 1994. Let me tell you now that we loved that place and stayed for 5 1/2 years until we moved overseas in November of 1999.

However, the place did have a few strange on-goings over the years which we didn't think much of at the time but in conversations since, we discovered that strange things were happening during our stay. We never did see any ghosts or orbs or entities, but odd things happened.

#1. Our cat , would at times, just sit and stare at the apartment door, and meow, and meow and meow. He wasn't meowing at passersby outside the door as there were only two apartments on each floor of the building and we could hear our neighbours coming and going if they were.

#2. We went out to the Pickering Flea Market one Sunday, and upon our return home, there was the super of the building who lived below us, asking me "What did I do that for?". I said "What are you talking about?".

He then explained to us, that after we left, he heard a loud bang in our apartment, and then heard the cat wailing uncontrollably.

Being the super, he had keys to the apartment and let himself in to investigate. Once inside, he realized that the cat was locked in the bathroom, with the hot water in the tub going full blast. The wind easily could have blown the door shut (mind you, I don't remember a wind that day), but what explains the hot water?

#3. In the third year of our stay there, my wife and I were blessed with twin baby boys. 20 months later, my father died in hospital in Scarborough. The boys were 20 months old, we didn't tell them that he died, figuring toddlers would not understand death anyhow. Now my wife had told me what was happening in the days after he died, but I just figured she was exaggerating again. But then I witnessed it myself. She would get up earlier for work, and I would stay to take them to daycare and then go to my own job.

One particular morning, days after my dad's death - - I could hear them saying "Hi! Hi! Want some juice? Here." They kept saying it and saying it. I walked down the hall in the apartment and peered at them thru the hall door way. There they were in their high-chairs, looking up at the ceiling offering their cups of juice. I went into the living room and asked them who they were talking to. The more vocal twin simply said "Papa. He was right there." (as he pointed to the ceiling above them). A few nights later, we said them down and asked them "Do you see Papa?". The vocal twin pointed his finger to the ceiling and said "Uh-huh. Up there." We then asked the quieter twin the same question and he just nodded and pointed up as well.

I tested this exercise again in a friends house that weekend. Both twins just looked around and up and said "No."

#4. The most bizarre thing of all. Before we had the kids, I used to get up and drive my wife to work in the city at about 4:45 a.m., then come back home go back to bed and get up for my own job at about 7:30. As you can imagine, this can wear on you after awhile and you'd sleep thru the alarm.

Not in this apartment. Several times, I would wake up, just a few minutes past my scheduled time, the radio alarm playing, but the bed would be shaking slightly. It was one of those metal wagon wheel types beds and was as if someone was grabbing the rim at foot of the bed and shaking it back and forth. So whoever it was, did not want me to sleep in for work anyway. At first I attributed to the cat pushing off as he jumped down in the morning, but there he was in my wife's spot...sound asleep.

The weird thing was, is years after we moved away...I told my wife what used to happen and she just looked at me in astonishment.

Turns out that the mornings where I had left first, and she was on her own, the bed would shake her awake as well. And it must have shaken a lot, because she sleeps like a log.

I have always wanted to write to any tenants since then, to ask if they have experienced anything bizarre, but don't want to spook them or make them think I'm crazy. We actually took over the apartment from an old friend of my wife's, and she did not mention anything odd. So I am still in the dark wondering if it was just us. But since things would happen to us together and separately, both of us are convinced that we were sharing that apartment with a former tenant...who seemed to like us, but not necessarily our cat, Alex.

I am very careful to this day, when moving house, to try and get a history on it. This is all due to the West Mall. I try and stick to newer houses actually. The twins are now almost 10 and wouldn't sleep nights if something strange was happening.
Our thanks to the witness for sharing this report with us.

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