Make of this what you will.....

In '73 my Mom was pregnant with my younger sister and my parents were looking to upgrade their home. Often they would take me out with their real-estate agent looking at houses.

One house in particular was in the Bridle Path.

The house was brand new at the time, and therefore never lived in. It was gorgeous, imagine a mini - US White House.

Being a kid I was itching to explore, and seeing it was unoccupied I was given free reign. And I did explore on my own bottom to top.

I came to one bedroom that was just too cool!!! It had skylights, and I said to myself this is soooo going to be my bedroom!!!!!

I whirled around intending to run down the stairs and tell my parents, and the realty lady that I picked MY room ... When I saw him ....

He was standing in the corner of the bedroom. A little man, slightly smaller than myself at age 5-6. He was wearing non-descriptive clothing, looked rather stern and was staring directly at me.

I remember being shocked. I remember blinking, looking away, and back again and he was still there. I was probably scared, that I can't really recall, but I do remember knowing he was "wrong" ... not supposed to be there, not "real" ...

I have no idea how much time passed, but eventually I heard my parents and the realtor outside of the door. I looked at my mom in the door frame, and gingerly made my way past the little man who had kept his eyes fixed to my own the entire time.

I said nothing .....

But I loathed the house from that point. My father put a deposit it on it, but the deal fell through ... and I was relieved ...... we eventually moved elsewhere.

Many years later I told both parents about that day. My father was a scientist and both were atheists ... yet they always accepted what I said at face value, and never insulted my other words if I said it happened it happened.

My mother claims to recall that day, and how my demeanor did a 180, but she just wrote it off ... naturally, I said nothing to her at the time.

So there you have it what, who, why I can't say.....beyond he was solid, and looked very real ... yet somewhere in my child's mind I knew he was "impossible" .......

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