The following was sent in by one of readers...
Back in the late 70's I was with a band that played a bar called The Jarvis house. It was located at jarvis and Richmond, I believe..

After performing there on a Sat, I discovered that we had left something behind and made arrangements to pick it up on the next day. Being a Sunday, there was no one in the building except the owner who was doing some paperwork.

I sat and chatted with him in his second floor office and eventually he asked if I wanted a Cola... I said yes, and followed him to the main floor where the bar was.

When we returned to his office, I noticed the radio had been turned on in the corner... I asked him who did it and he replied that it was most likely "George", as he turned the radio off..

I asked who George was, and he explained to me that the Jarvis house used to be an Inn for passing Sailors, and that one year there was a sailor murdered on the 3rd floor.. He took me up to the 3rd floor and although it was the middle of August and during a heat wave, there was cold air coming out from under one of the doors..

When we returned to the 2nd floor office, The radio was once again blaring. The owner patiently shut it off and we talked some more about this "Ghost".

After a while I said " is he friendly?" and before the owner could answer me, I felt the sensation like someone gently blowing along my forearm through a soda straw..

Then we heard a loud Clunk in the 3rd floor hallway and a gentle laughter coming from the "cold" room...

That was my close encounter with a Toronto Ghost....

The present reader should be warned that this is not the "Keg Mansion" but along the same row oh mansions as this haunted manse. The building in question is currently unoccupied but has served many functions and will probably be redeveloped again.

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