The following was sent in to us by one of our website visitors:
"I was always a non-believer of ghosts/hauntings until the "Woman in the White Dress" experience.

In Summer 2002, my younger cousin was visiting from overseas to attend my brother's wedding. At the time I was living at my parents house, which was built probably less than twenty years ago in a now expanding residential and business area near Gunns Road and Keele Street. It was the early July and I was hosting a baby shower for a relative. Later in the evening, my family left the house to attend a evening event, while my visiting cousin and I loaded the car with my expecting relatives baby gifts and drove to her apartment. After we dropped-off the cargo, we proceeded home. It was approximately 10pm.

As we drove into the driveway, the lights in the house were off, confirming that no one was home. My visiting cousin asked when my parents were expected home. I replied they would return late, since their evening plans would go on until at least the wee-hours of the morning.

As we entered the front door, I turned the corridor lights on as my cousin blurted, "Hi Auntie!". See, your mom's home."

I looked straight ahead, and surprisingly, no one was there. I asked her where she saw my mother, and she pointed and said, "There, there, there! She's walking towards the room!"

It was at this point that chills were running down my spine and my cousin knew that what she was seeing was not my mother and on top of that, she was the only one of the two of us that actually did see the woman.

Instinctively, as this woman was heading towards the back room, my cousin ran after her as I followed, not knowing or seeing who we were chasing. My cousin and I walked into the room as I switched on the light to find that no one, of course, was there. My cousin yelled, "I swear to God I saw her! I saw her!", then she broke down and started to cry uncontrollably. She was terrified.

My cousin described this woman as wearing a white, long, nightgown type dress. She couldn't describe other features such as face and hair because she didn't get close enough to view it. My cousin described in detail in what she saw as soon as we walked in the door:

She saw a woman in a white dress walking from the kitchen towards the bar (the bar is directly across from the kitchen). It looked as if she was looking for something on top of the bar counter. The woman than looked straight at our direction and then proceeded to walk toward the back room, which was a room we used as a guest bedroom on the main floor. It was at this point that we ran after her. I believe my cousin because of the look on her face, the terror in her eyes and her innocent outlook on the subject due to her age. I had to sleep with her for the remaining weeks she was here because she was afraid she would see the woman in the white dress again.

I told all my relatives about this experience. One of my other cousins, who is the brother to the then expecting lady who I threw the baby shower for - was shocked. He told me of his frightening experience with the same mysterious woman.

It happened approximately a year before this experience. He was living with his folks at an older house that was a few blocks away from my parents. He was getting ready for school and as he got to the main door to leave, he felt a strong presence behind him. As he turned around to see who was behind him, he saw a woman in a white dress. He left the home in a hurry and felt really disturbed about his experience. He told his family when he returned to the house and to the best of our knowledge, no one had discussed his experience with anyone outside his immediate family. To this day, he doesn't talk about that situation. We confirmed that woman he saw, was the same woman my visiting cousin saw as well.

I'm not sure if this Woman in the White Dress is connected to my family. My family and relatives, when questioned, had no idea as to who this woman was.

If anyone had an experience with this mysterious woman, please share it so that some light can be shed on this."

Our thanks, and appreciation go out to the witness who kindly shared this experience with us. By sharing these types of experiences it may help other to realise they are not alone. If you have had a similar experience please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.