Is the current Art Gallery haunted? This is a question that we often receive from our Whitby area readers that are interested in Whitby's ghosts stories. And our answer to them is that we do not know. To date we have not received any firm reports from the staff or art gallery visitors.

However, this location was the scene of a terrible tragedy that we feel enough time has passed that we can relate it to you. In the early morning of December 11, 1914 twenty-one year old Billy Stone was employed as the night telegraph operator at the Whitby Junction Railway Station. At 12:37 am a gun shot rang out from the vicinity of the ladies waiting area, and Billy was hit by a bullet. He had enough time to get a hold of the operator, and request the police.  His last words were that "he didn’t know who shot him, but to get the police chief quick." Billy died as the result of a single bullet from a .38 special that hit his heart.

According to then Police Chief Charles F. MacGrotty, there were no signs of a fight, nor struggle, nor was Billy covered in blood. A bloody hand print was found on a cabinet that may have belonged to the killer as there was no blood on Billy's hands.

Billy died suddenly, tragically, in the prime of his life, and all alone. These types of events have been known to trigger hauntings in some locations. In this case we simply do not know.

Ghosts or no ghosts this is a fun place to visit, and a great way to support the local arts community.

Are you familiar with this location? Do you have information that you would like to share? Can you share other ghost stories from around Whitby Ontario? Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Paranormal Frontiers - Whitby Ghosts October 2003

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Station Gallery
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