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Sony Analog Hi8(tm) Handycam® Camcorder with NightShot® O Lux

May 6th, 2002

We'd like to welcome our latest toy... er, I mean.. tool to be used on investigations. Our new Sony Analog Hi8(tm) Handycam® Camcorder model CCD-TR818

This unit is one of the Sony cams with NightShot® O Lux System the allows the cam to capture video even when shooting in total darkness (0 lux) up to 10 feet away using the built-in infrared system.

What this means is a relatively inexpensive, infrared picture device that requires no light source.

We all seem to remember the "That's Incredible!" show from the early 80's that featured a possible ghost using infrared image at a Toys R Us in California. It intrigued me that the infrared DID pick up a man leaning on a shelf when standard 35mm cameras were unable to pick up this spectre. I've seen our photography gentlemen use infrared 35mm at Fort George (Peter) and Mackenzie House (Will) with almost no real noticeable affect. Will this camcorder yield? Was it all a pipe dream? Was the ghost photo at the Toys R Us a hoax or some other type of miscalculation and not a picture of the poltergeist that haunts there?

Well, I'll never know the answers to those LAST two questions but at least I can see what get's picked up during our investigations. Expect a joint venture/article with ParaResearchers on infrared and ghostly images soon.

Now, why this particular model is so important is this is one of the last models of the Handycam® that is analog thus eliminating some of the possibility of digital "tricks" being used (not that we or anyone else would or should use trickery BUT the sceptics/debunkers will point out the possibility of trickery). It also has the ability to "switch off" the autofocus allowing for a better chance to capture something faint without the camera jumping to focus on the next nearest object.

The other major benefit is this is one of the least expensive Sony units you can find on the market... of course, if you can find it as most electronic stores have switched to strictly digital and digital 8 camcorders.

About the only thing it doesn't have, due to the analog bits, is the "preview" LCD screen that most folks are now used to on these cams.

I don't know yet if this new item (which isn't really that new to the world of investigations at all... many groups have been using similar and the same models and types for years but it's new for the T/OGHRS) will yield anything but in the next three weeks, it has an excellent opportunity of being used in a very "hot spot" which will certainly test it's metal.

Of course, IF anything positive or negative comes out of the use of this unit, I will certainly post a "video capture" online for all to see.

Thanks for the cool toy, Sony!

Let's hope it's "all good" as they say... I'll let you know in late May of 2002 how our first experiences with this unit went like.