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  Reader Update - July 2002: The following was sent in by one of our readers...
Hi, I was reading through your stories, and I wanted to let you know about an experience of my own in this particular location. All I can say is that the story is true, and there are no explanations to what I have seen.

I often ate Dim Sum at the Old Hsin Kung Restaurant. I was 16 at the time when this happened (I think 1992,) the restaurant still had both of the floors open for business. The new owners only have the first floor open for business now, they seem to have it blocked off or something. In the restaurant at that time, ninety per-cent of the walls were covered by mirrors and the ceiling was covered by dragons to ward off the spirits.

This one time when I was having dim sum with my parents and grandmother, I needed to go to the washroom really bad. My grandmother said that the second floor washrooms were "not very clean".

At first I didn't know what she meant, I thought she meant that the washroom upstairs is just dirty and nothing more. Anyway, I went to first floor washroom and there was a line up and I couldn't wait, so I quickly went up stairs to the second floor and used the men's washroom.

I went in and looked after my business, washed my hands, and as just I was leaving the washroom, I heard someone say "hey you".

I found that strange cause I was the only person in the washroom to my knowledge.

What made my hair stand up was when I realized it was a female voice. Being curious (and my hormones still raving on which may have some bearing on things,) turned around and looked.

I couldn't believe what I saw. The next thing I knew, I was bolting down the stairs back to the first floor with other patrons of the restaurant looking at me.

What I saw was a Asian female with long hair hovering in mid air at the far back wall, wearing a red dress.

When I got back to our table, I quickly blurted out what I saw to my family so loudly that all the other patrons could hear me. We decided to get the bill and leave.

My grandmother then gave me this yellow paper with weird Chinese writing on it, and told me to swallow it. I asked why, she just said do it or die. I swallowed it. My grandmother gave each of my parents one, and they did the same.

I was told later, that it was a evil spirit that wanted to collect another soul, and I happened to be one that just walked in.

The following week, I believe that I read in the newspaper that an man had a heart attack in the second washroom while he was using the facilities. I cant remember the date or the nationality of the person.

After seeing what I saw, I am now a believer.