We received the following report in June 2006 of a possible apparition in a long, white coat. The following is the witness report in their own words.

I used to work for a high-tech company located at Peter & Adelaide in downtown Toronto. I believe it was built around 1929 and was a commercial warehouse and furrier - likely some sort of sweatshop.

Of course a building of that nature will have its share of creaks and groans and odd behaviour, which can be easily explained by air in the pipes, rodents in the walls, etc., etc. These incidents are a little tougher to explain: One night, a co-worker and I were the last in the office and were waiting for the courier to show up. It was about 6:30 PM and the building was pretty much deserted. (It was a Friday night... and most sensible people were at the Black Bull on Queen Street... )

The office was open concept, with huge windows all around. We were at my desk, which faced the windows, and had our backs to the door. We saw the reflection of someone walk through the door in one of the windows. Happy that the courier guy had finally arrived we turned around and... no one was there.

We did a check of the entire office, to make sure that no one was there. Even shouted the dreaded "hello, is anyone here?" They truly did not have enough time to run out the door. We remarked later that the person we saw in the reflection was wearing a long white coat - like a lab coat. (We both knew that courier drivers wore black, but at that late hour on a Friday night we would not have cared if he walked in starkers... )

The following Monday we related our story to another co-worker who suddenly went rather pale. He was in the office working over the weekend, and out of the corner of his eye saw who he thought was an Asian lady who also worked with us. He didn't really look up from his computer - just sort of waved hello and continued on with his work. (Anyone who knows programmers or techies knows that you practically have to light a fire under them to get them to look away from their computer screens... )

When he finished up for the day, he went back to her office to tell her he was leaving... and there was no one there. She could not have left without him seeing her, as I have said the office was open concept and you had to walk past his desk to get to the door. Besides, she claims she was nowhere near the office that day.

The person he saw was wearing a long white coat.

Many of us heard whistling from time to time and even heard someone saying our names in a loud whisper. It became on ongoing thing to ask, "did you just call me or was it the ghost?" Our accountant would not stay there after dark. Can't say I blame her.

One night I was there alone at about 9 PM and heard a woman laughing very loud - like she was right behind me. I decided that was enough, and figured my work could wait until the daylight hours.

There were many more little incidents that occurred. I would be very interested to know if anyone else has ever seen anything peculiar in this office complex.

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this report with us! Have you had a similar experience? Can you shed any light on who the apparition in the long white coat might be? Please contact Sue at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.