The following reports from this location were sent in by one of our readers.

The building was built around 1913 as the headquarters of Maclean's Magazine. Two annexes were added by the magazine later on in the 1920's and 1940 or 50s. In 1953 the publishing house McClellan Stewart built their headquarters at 481 University, and some time in the 1980's all four buildings were merged into one complex.

What I have to submit is unfortunately either second hand or hearsay, but I do believe it to be strong enough to be worthy of passing on to the TGHRS.

While I've been going to school, I've worked at the site as a weekend security guard. One night after my shift a few years ago I was talking to my relief and somehow it came up that he believed that there was a ghost at or near the top of the building, that is, the oldest part of the complex, the Macleans building.

He claims to have heard a woman crying - at around 3 in the morning on a weekday - as he was doing a patrol on top floor. It seemed to be coming from above the roof, but when he went up there, he saw and heard nothing. He heard the same thing again on another occasion - and subsequently has avoided the roof.

While not disbelieving what he said, I tried to offer some likely explanations, but none of them really seemed to make any more sense than what he claims to have heard. Nevertheless as I had been up on that roof, at night, and never there or elsewhere did I hear or see anything, I suppose I merely shrugged it off.

About a year later we had a new building maintenance person on site who worked weekends; we became friends and one day he asked me to come with him on his rounds checking extinguishers on the vacant sixth and seventh floors of the building (which had been vacant for some time). It didn't take much pressing to find out he dreaded going up there alone, because he could /feel /something, and obviously not something good. We went up there, and nothing happened (naturally), and we had a discussion about paranormal activities, a naturally inconclusive one. Since then I've always gone with him to the 6th and 7th floors.

Then I started to ask around. Low and behold, others have experienced either auditory or sensory...oddities in the building - and the newer building, but especially at the older one, on or near the roof and around the 6th, 7th floors. I spoke to another security guard recently who had only been on the site for a few months - she reported hearing, while stationed at the desk in the lobby, a man and a woman walking and talking, the noise coming from the connecting corridor further back - but nothing was on camera, and when she peeked down the corridor, nothing was there, and the noise stopped. She also reported feeling odd in certain places in the building, including the ones mentioned. She also reported various cleaning staff who have had similar experiences.

The straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, and what is directly contributing to why I'm choosing this moment to write in, is I have, even if second hand, experienced something on the roof. While making my rounds on the ground floor, I found one of the two elevators on the ground floor with the doors open and the lights off. After checking a few things I determined that it was some kind of critical fault that made the control system return the car to ground and cut power. Elevators like much else these days are quite complicated, and any number of things could have shut it down.

I phoned the elevator repair company, and soon enough a technician showed up, one that I had never seen before - wasn't the first time I had phoned the elevator repair company and you tend to see the same handful of people on call on the weekends. This was a new guy however, or new to me anyway. I tell him the problem, we ride up using the other car to the roof, where the elevator machine room is. We emerge onto the roof, and the technician, a burly red-haired Irish-Canadian guy, looks around and goes "Jeez, you should get an exterminator up here" An exterminator? I look around for a rat or something but then he finishes "or a priest - you have ghosts". I say "Oh really - you know you're not the first person to say something like this - have you been to this site before by the way?" He shook his head.

Anyway we get on with the job - we go into the room, I go in first, forget the lights - oops - ("Ya we should definitely turn those on" he says) and we go into the machine room. All seems to be in order, as they say in my line of work. He begins his diagnostics and as he does I question him as to what he feels - after all, legends say the red-haired Irish are perhaps more in tune with such things than the rest of us.

"Can't you feel it?" he says incredulously. Well, now that my imagination kicks in, putting together all I've heard before, I did feel "something" but the chances of it being my mind playing tricks on me was too strong, after all I had been up in that room both before and after I had heard of these experiences and seen or heard nothing unusual, so I said nothing. "They're here right now!" he said strongly, with a tinge of fear in his voice, but almost seemed to shake it off and continue his work. I kept him talking - "Someone's angry." he said. "Somebody died here." I quite simply believed him. There was no doubting the conviction on his face, the seriousness - the fear in his voice.

Luckily for him the job was a simple fix, a simple reset did the trick, didn't take more than a few minutes. Back in the lobby I mentioned that the red-haired Irish are supposed to have a "gift" (curse?) for this kind of thing, and he told me when he was a kid his grandmother took him to a psychic who said he indeed had it.

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