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The following was sent in by one of our readers:

Six years ago I bought a beautiful three-bedroom bungalow that consists of two bathrooms and a finished basement in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. It was exactly what I was looking for. Most of all, it had a large garden and I couldn't have asked for a better one. I happily moved in and got settled away. When I moved in I chose the bedroom between the dining room and the second bedroom. So, I guess I chose the first bedroom you meet while walking down the hallway. My brother chose the 2nd bedroom and I converted the 3rd bedroom into a library. You have to walk through the library to get to the sunroom. There's a bedroom and bathroom in the basement area that I use as a guestroom and is also used as a den or an entertainment area.

I hadn't been in this house very long when I sensed a spirit here. I felt his presence more in the basement area, especially in the workroom. The first time I sensed this spirit (ghost... most people would call it]) was in the darkened area in the basement. I could hear him breathing and I knew he had died with a respiratory disease. I asked his name and he gave it to me. A few nights later while I was almost asleep, I felt movement in my bed. It felt like someone was walking back and forth on the bed. It would walk half way up from the foot of the bed as far as my tummy and turn around and walk down to my feet and up the other side until it got to my tummy again. Back again etc. etc. It never came any further than that. I first thought that the cat got out of her room as the movements were very light. I searched for her and she was in her room downstairs, with the door closed. I went back to bed. Said a prayer asking God for protection and went back to sleep.

The walking over the bed went on nightly for a long time. I felt that this restless spirit/ghost didn't want to hurt me or it would had by now, so I accepted that it was there with me. No problem. I wasn't freaked out yet. Mind over matter I thought but why every night ? We all need respect and I was also respecting this ghost of mine because he to deserves it. With that respect came a little fear of the unknown and what it might do to me while I'm asleep. The previous owner of the house had already passed to spirit, died, when I bought the house from his wife and daughter. I never knew his name. After so many nights of disturbance from this ghost I finally phoned the daughter to have a little chat. I stepped lightly on the subject and was cautious not to be so blunt with my questions. After a while chatting, I asked her if anything ever happened in the house, like someone died in there. She said no, not that she was aware of. She said her dad died in the hospital shortly after they took him there. I asked if her dad had a breathing problem and used a humidifier? She said yes, he was asthmatic and had emphysema, he used it all the time. I then asked if there was anything strange that happened in the first bedroom. She said, "No but my father was placed in that room in the last year of his life, but didn't die in there. It was his hospital room so to speak." I thought maybe that explains who's in my room with me. I went on talking about the events that had been happening to me since I moved in and what I sensed around me. She confirmed that her father's name was the one that I was given and that he dearly loved his house. He was a good man and wouldn't hurt anyone. He spent a lot of time in his workroom in the basement because he was a bit of a handyman. End of conversation.

The walking over my bed continued. I started to talk to him. I started to tell him that this is my house now and reminded him that he was dead; he should look for the light and follow it. I don't think he believed it and that upset him because he got a little meaner to me that night. He now would walk all over the bed, not just the lower half. His respect for me seems to have vanished. One night he pressed down on my head so hard, I had to get angry and yelled at him to get off. He listened and let me go. He sacred me because I could actually felt his hands on the back of my head as he pressed my face in to the pillow. Needless to say I didn't sleep well that night. The next night my feet were hanging over the foot of the bed, uncovered. An excruciating pain awakened me. It felt like someone had scraped a sharp nail down the centre of my right foot. I woke up in so much pain; I started cussing at him and told him to leave me alone. He did. He had his fun for that night, and let me sleep the rest of it. He scraped my foot twice more, at two different occasions during that month. He was now determined to get me out of his room, maybe his house. I'm not a raised Roman Catholic but someone suggested that I use some Holy Water. She actually provided it and said that she got it from the Roman Catholic Church. I blessed my room and then the whole house. What did I have to lose? At this point in my frustration I'd try anything. From then on I said protection prayers daily and he seemed to leave me alone, for a while. Maybe the prayers alone would have done it, but nevertheless! I was satisfied with the results. Finally he got restless again. He walked all over my bed again. I ignored him this time, I mumbled a prayer and then he had the nerve to scrape my foot again. This time it hurt more than any ever, it left a red mark in the centre of my foot. This mean ghost was getting more violent. It seemed that this ghost wanted me out of this house, which is now legally mine. This was 3 o'clock in the morning and I had to get up to go to a 12-hour workday at 5 AM. I finally cracked. I sat up in bed and started cussing at him again, saying cuss words more times than I can remember. Enough is enough. During this cussing, he went underneath the bed and gave 4 violent heavy kicks making the mattress move. He was not happy with me one bit. Now, for the first time- I'm really scared. I got out of bed, got the Holy Water, showered my bed room, asked God for protection and help again, then went to the den in the basement to sleep for the remaining time. I told this spirit/ghost to go to the light and look for God because he's now dead and the house legally belongs to me. I insisted that he leave right now. He settled down again. He hasn't gotten that bad since, but he's still here. My brother is very skeptical and doesn't believe in spirits or ghosts. I used to tell him about this, he would listen but I knew he thought I was losing it and finally going crazy.

My Mother, plus other people would visit me from time to time. I would give up my bedroom to them while they were here and I would use the one in the basement area. My Mother never felt anything while she was in my room. For one thing, she was very spiritual and religious. She prayed faithfully every night. God protected her and maybe my spirit/ghost liked a woman sleeping there and not me. All my guests in that room were women and not one was bothered by him, making me look as crazy as my brother was thinking I was. One night while my Mother was visiting I slept in the basement bedroom, something unusual did happen. That morning my brother sat down and had breakfast with us. He asked why did I get up during the night and go to the sunroom to rock in the rocking chair, keeping him awake. This chair has a little squeak when it is rocked back and forth. I told him that I didn't wake all night and had one of my most restful sleeps in a long time. He asked my Mother if she went there and she said she hadn't. She also slept very well. I told him it was our spirit/ghost and he'd seen a woman in my bed and needed a place to stay. My spirit/ghost was the one rocking in the chair! He thought I was joking with him again. I was totally serious. I do believe it was our ghost; no one else was here but we three, plus our ghost.

The second night, the same thing happened. He told my mom and me about the rocking of the chair during the night. I asked if he got up to check on it, he said he hadn't. I felt he was a little scared and frightened to investigate; maybe a fear of finding out what was really causing the rocking. I would have gotten up and had a talk with the old devil. I think my brother finally began to believe what I had been trying to tell him all along.

Little over a year ago my sister was visiting. She stayed in the bedroom down in the den. It was summer and the basement area is cooler and she liked the coolness. One night while she was sleeping, she felt someone rubbing his hand down over her head as if they were caressing her with affection. Her first reaction was that it was I because I'm very fond of this particular sister. When she opened her eyes to see me, she saw nothing and got a little scared. She told me of this event the next day and that she almost came and got in bed with me. I asked her about what took place and how she sensed things. She said she was afraid but got a sense of love and peace from it. She said she relaxed herself after a while and drifted back to sleep. When she did finally tell me about it, I told her of my spirit/ghost and if he caressed her head, he obviously liked her, where as he didn't like me that much. She didn't know of my extra guest, spirit/ghost.... and said, "Oh My God, if I knew you had a ghost I wouldn't have slept down there alone." I proceeded to tell her of all the things that had happened to me since I moved into this house. She was a little nervous but I calmed her down. I told her that he's actually a nice ghost once we cleared the air and he has been leaving me alone for some time now.

About eight months ago, I was sitting and talking on the phone with a friend of mine. I was alone but glanced to my left only to see my spirit/ghost lying on the couch in the living room, as if he was taking a nap. I feel he was watching TV. I only saw from his feet up to his chest. I didn't see his face because there's a corner wall that was blocking my view. I shook my head twice but the image stayed. I saw the clothes he was wearing and still could describe them with ease. It started to fade when I went to look at his face. I immediately spoke to him. I said. "(Called him by name). You know this house is now legally mine. You're very welcome to stay and share it with us, BUT.... YOU GOT TO LEAVE ME ALONE." He faded out of focus and hasn't bothered me since that time.

I feel he's here all the time. I sometimes can't find something, I'll ask him where I can find it and he's told me on three or four occasions where I could find what I was looking for. I got a little excited about his accuracy, so I haven't asked him lately, but will probably call on him again if I need his assistance. My spirit/ghost has settled down tremendously but I never trust him completely. I feel we finally became friends and he has accepted sharing the house with me.

Thank God.

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