We initially received the following report in March 2006 from the daughter of the primary witness. The primary witness has kindly given us his permission to publish his family's strange experiences with his father's spirit. His experience demonstrates that with thoughtfulness and understanding communicating with the spirit of a deceased soul is usually all that is needed to end a haunting and return a house to normal.

My father's father passed away from a heart attack in the main bedroom of this house on Nov 23rd 1974.

My Dad was 32 years old when his father passed away from a heart attack. He died while he was sleeping, or just about to get out of bed as the story goes. His wife, (my dad's Mom) had just made breakfast and called for him to come that it was ready. She heard a big bang, not knowing until she went upstairs the horror she had come upon.

Her husband was dead from a heart attack at 65 years of age. My grandmother called my dad to come over, after calling an ambulance. My grandfather had, had several other heart attacks before in which my dad had been there at the time and able to save him. It's said this time that he had a massive heart attack and couldn't of been saved.

Just after the death of my grandfather, my grandmother would complain to my father who was married and no longer lived in the house, that she would hear the toilet bowl running constantly, and see his slippers going across the floor from the back bedroom where he died to the washroom, this happened regularly. They also noted that the back room where he died was always cold since his death, even though the heat was on high, and windows were closed.

Finally after so many telephone calls and complaining that his mother just wouldn't sleep in the room and the kids were very frightened of the upstairs (6 months approx according to the witness), my Dad came over and stayed the night in the room. He wanted to show them that he (the Grandfather's spirit) would not hurt them as it was still their Dad, and husband and to help his family to stop worrying.

My dad lay in the bed where his Dad used to sleep and talked to him, telling him over and over your scaring the children and you must leave, find the light and go.. my dad is not religious at all, but I guess he tried anything just too see if it would work.

He then told me he stayed the night there sleeping in the bed, and by morning the room was warm again back to the normal temperature it should of been.

Another thing to add is that my grandfather had 9 kids total and most still lived at home at the time these weird things were happening, so they have over the years confirmed this because I did ask them about it.
The family moved not long after the primary witness spent the night in his father's room and asked his Dad to move on. He often wonders if the house is still haunted because they did move out so shortly after, but he says that the room was definitely back to normal after he stayed there that night and spoke to his Dad many years ago.

Our thanks to both the witness, and his daughter for sharing their family's experience with us. We appreciate it!

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