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April 5 1945

Toronto Star newspaper reports on a few Lawlor Ave people in its Pages from the Past archive.

Maude and Percy Whitford resided at 98 Lawlor after their wedding in July 1922


Mrs R J Salmon lived at 112 Lawlor in June 1927


Corner of Lawlor and Gerrard (on Gerrard 100 ft from the corner) was sold by H E Warrington to Realty Bond Corporation


John Eagles, age 28, of 213 Lawlor was burned working on a hydro pole (not at his home) in 1930


108 Lawlor (on the west side of the street) wa sold to Ethel and John McPherson by H R Cooper 1930


177 Lawlor was sold to Nelson Caron by DB McCunn (could be McCann—typing unclear) 1930

205 Lawlor was sold to Harry Consith by F Lipson 1930


169 Lawlor resident John Williamson won a cash prize 1930


183 Lawlor sold to Elizabeth Ruddle by R Arthurs 1931


159 Lawlor sold to Harry W Rushby by H Davidson 1931


AW Lewis was seen at the Toronto General Hospital for a broken hand—lives at 54 Lawlor Ave 1931


78 Lawlor resident was Mrs M Smithies 1931


66 Lawlor sold to Cornelius Droog by Arthur Cannon 1931


Audrey McPherson 108 Lawlor lacerated her hand at work 1931


H Smith injured a hand at work-lived on Lawlor but number not given 1932


Donation to Fresh Air Fund from M Hoare, 215 Lawlor 1932


Mr and Mrs Painter held a 25th Wedding Aniv. Party at 180 Lawlor and collected donations for the Fresh Air fund 1932


W F Duke 126 Lawlor was an Enumerator for the vote in 1934


Ed Rowe fell from a window of his home fracturing his foot. Lives on Lawlor but no number given. 1934


Joseph Sorton of 84 Lawlor was in a car accident 1934


17 year old Arthur Odell was robbed while delivering a prescription order. He lives at 156 Lawlor 1935


Albert Glibbery of Lawlor (no number) burned his hand 1935


Robert Fountain, age 12, nearly drowned off Scarboro Beach. Lives at 54 Lawlor 1935


William Brooke of Lawlor (no #) injured his elbow at work 1935


Ross and Tommy Murray of 25 Lawlor donated to Santa Claus Fund 1935


Bob Reid, age 11 of 9 Lawlor was awakened by explosion in a shop on Kingston Road 1936

Carl Ward lived at 34 Lawlor 1936


154 Lawlor for rent (six rooms and bath and garage) 1936


William J Bryars 43 years old of Lawlor (no #) had his stomach pumped and then was arrested for attempting suicide 1937


GH Wallace donated 20,000 sq foot lot on Lawlor to parks department for playground 1937


A praying mantis was found on the porch of 207 Lawlor 1937


Richard Grover injured shoulder in hockey—lives on Lawlor February 6, 1939