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The report below has been contributed by one of our readers...

Well, since i noticed only one story of hauntings in Peterborough I feel that maybe its time to tell the tales of the lesser known hauntings.

One of my stories is of my volunteer time at Hutchison House here in Peterborough. Just as information, Dr. Hutchison was the first doctor in Peterborough and the house was built for his family.

I found out a small piece of information not widely known while working on a research project on the Hutchison family and the house itself. Since Mrs. Hutchison died giving birth to a baby in the house, she (or at least her ghost,) is said to walks the halls of the house at night.

I, personally, have heard a baby cry along with the other volunteers. Even the lady that comes in to run the museum in the very early morning as well as late into the evening have heard the baby on a few separate occasions.

You can also sometimes hear singing coming from upstairs. I got quite used to hearing it and I'm sure it is Mrs. Hutchison's ghost singing to sooth the baby.

There is a painting also on the wall of a woman who owned the house after the Hutchinson's left and the painting scares the heck out of me! You feel its eyes on your back when you are walking up to the top floor and rumour is there has been a couple times where the eyes have been seen moving and the mouth has twisted into grisly, wicked smile.

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We have been contacted by a member of the staff of Hutchinson House saying that the reports listed here are not accurate and have many inconsistencies. To this end we are hoping to work with the folks at the museum to get an accurate assessment of the history and present it on this story.

As the O/TGHRS sees itself as looking into the myths, legends and first hand accounts of ghosts and hauntings, we hope to be able to present both aspects of this story for you.

So please note that until we have absolute on the history, the views, and experiences expressed here represent one of our readers and may not reflect the absolute historical evidence of the story of Hutchinson House Museum.

We strongly suggest that those interested visit the museum NOT for the ghost story but for the important historical significance it has to the community .