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Below is another addition to this story...

I read the stories on the ghosts at the Toronto ghost society web site. The Mount Albert one is truly a great tale. In addition to what Lynda wrote, may I add that the little old lady , who continues to live in the house was very pleasant. I used to see her regularily. She would sit in her rocking chair in the front upstairs room in the evening and knit. Sometimes, I would see her walk down the stairs and watch her leave the house. She wore a 1800 style dress , was short and slightly plump.

July 2004 - Reader's Update

"Upon reading your posting on the TGHRS website I thought you may find my experience interesting. As a child (approx. 17 years ago), my mother was good friends with the woman who owned the Mount Albert "Royal Oaks Hotel". One year during the March Break my mother, younger brother and I spent a week at her home to dog-sit while she was on vacation. By our second night in the home, all three of us were sleeping in the same bed, along with the dog! At the time we were not aware of the reported ghost sightings, but all the same we knew there was something wrong. I would spend hours on the couch reading, which was located upstairs at the front of the home (were the little old lady is reportedly sighted), and I would avoid using the upstairs bathroom every chance I got. The bathroom had a closet that I was absolutely petrified of opening (and remember I had no idea of the hauntings), and I always felt as though I was being watched. Only after we left did my mother's friend ask if we had seen anything strange. We never spent another March break in Mount Albert."

Our thanks to the witness for sharing their experience to us.


September 2006 - Reader's Update

"I just read about the ghost in the old hotel at the top of the hill in Mt. Albert. I always had my suspicions about that place...

Anyway, just at the bottom of the hill, on Main St. is the Prince Albert Pub, which used to be owned by the pharmacist in town many years ago. I know a number of people who work there and there are many stories about the ghost of the pharmacist's daughter, Emily, who seems to live in the Women's Washroom at the top, back of the house. They had reported lights turning on and off, taps being turned on from time to time and the sound of footsteps. Also, when women enter the washroom, she gets upset unless you say 'Hello, Emily' and 'Goodbye, Emily' when you leave.

What exactly getting the girl 'upset' means has never been clearly explained to me, though I've asked.

It would be worth investigating further."

Our thanks to our reader for sharing the above report.