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Over the years several TGHRS, and OGHRS members, family and friends have had the privileged to visit Fort George, and partake of the Ghost Tours being offered there. Here is a collection of some of our thoughts, opinions, and experiences at the fort and on the tours.

"Outstanding historic location that played a major role in Upper Canadian history. The ghost reports are numerous, and recent! Staff are happy to talk about their own ghostly encounters, and that of the visitors over the years as well!"

- Matthew Didier, Founder Director GHRS and PSICAN


"Fort George is one of my favourite historic haunts to visit. The ghost tours are world-class, and while some tours claim that you might experience something paranormal on their tours I can say with all sincerity that I have interviewed many people over the years who have told me about strange, inexplicable things they've seen and felt while taking Kyle's tour. In fact he has written not one, but two books on the subject of ghostly experiences at the Fort! I have personally experienced what I believe to be ghostly activity in the second block house along with a member of the security staff. It is an experience that changed my views on ghosts, and one that I will carry with me the rest of my life."

- Sue St. Clair, Co-Director TGHRS and PSICAN

"Lynn, her son, Dave and I went to Fort George Monday night and had a very good time with Nick and Sarah from the Scottish SPR. Kyle Upton, who leads the ghosts walks on the fort is a top notch story teller, and hopefully PSICAN will arrange a night coming up where we all have an opportunity to go and investigate the fort. We had a private tour as the sun was starting to set, which has a very magical effect on the empty fort. It was a wonderful opportunity to accompany some esteemed international researchers to one of the most fascinating haunts in the country - which I had wanted to visit ever since Matthew and Sue recounted their adventures there."

- Chris Laursen, Historian, PSICAN Media Liaison, TGHRS Researcher Investigator


"Try going over to Fort George, many people have seen unusual activities at the Fort and on the surrounding parkland during the Ghost Tours. I have been startled, fascinated, inquisitive, but only once, so far, have I been so terrified that I almost had an asthma attack. That experience was the first time I entered the dreaded "tunnel" at Fort George.

My daughter and I were on our first Ghost Tour with Mark, as our guide and were almost at the end of the line when we entered the tunnel. It became so dark (Mark was up front with the lantern) that I could not see my daughter's face, so she grabbed my hand and said "don't get lost." Halfway through the tunnel, her hand didn't feel like her hand. I kept clutching it, as it felt like a man's hand! Larger and rougher. Standing there in the dark, I knew she was beside me, but whose hand did I have? I could feel panic starting to rise and just when I felt like I was going to scream - "Mark, I'm out of here", I looked up and noticed what looked like fog on the top of the stairs at the end of the tunnel. Upon really observing this new development, I could see the side of a child's leg, little foot, long nightdress and hair, fading in and out. This observation did not frighten me and it made me forget about the "man's hand". When the fog faded, I felt her hand again and it was back to normal. Very strange. I was really glad to get out of there.

On another Fort George  Ghost Tour this past summer - beads swaying back and forth in the gift shop window. The beads on both sides of the swaying beads were still. The gift shop was locked up and Mark indicated that there is not a clock at that location. About 6-8 people witnessed this event and again we were startled and excited about this incident, not frightened.

In closing, I found out that the picture in the Officer's Quarters at Fort George is of George III's Queen. An elderly lady (grey hair). When I looked at this picture this summer, I thought it had been changed. I saw the grey haired Queen, on all other trips to the Fort in the past, I had observed a very pretty young lady with dark hair and almond eyes! Mark said that this young lady and a soldier have been observed on other tours, so this time I felt privileged to have been able to see her.

You never know what you are going to see. Ghostly happenings seem to happen when you don't expect it. I have toured quite a few places and nothing happens, but when it does, aside of a few occasions, I feel more privileged to be a witness than frightened."

- Pat, PSICAN Forum member


For more information on the Ghost Tours at Fort George please visit their official website by clicking on this link, and please do let them know that the Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society recommended them to you.