Mississauga - Private Residence

For the past 3 years I have lived  in a private residence on Barsuda Drive in Mississauga. It is part of a townhouse complex. There are very few townhouse complexes in Clarkson so I was very interested to see that someone has reported a paranormal experience in one of the units.

To give you some background, I come from a culture of paranormal experiences on both sides of my family. I'm from England. I lost contact with my dad's side after his death in 1970 when I was ten, but by that time had heard many ghost stories from them. On my mothers side I continued to hear  stories. I could write a sizable book and may do just that one day. My mother has had many sightings and has sometimes had short conversations with people she later found had passed away months or even years later.

My children and myself have had many, many experiences. My current husband was raised in a haunted house in England. It's an old Chartist House.  Others have seen and heard things there including me and my daughters. So as you can see, when things started happening in our home in Clarkson I wasn't really afraid, just interested.

In 2000, my husband lost three jobs in a year and we fell on hard times and had to sell our house. We were living outside of the GTA at the time. My husband did a bunch of spare jobs and I stayed home to care for our baby.  My husband finally got back into his field so we moved here to Mississauga so he could take the job. We hired a car and came here a few weeks before to look for rental accommodation.

We really fell in love with the Clarkson area and looked at 2 units in the complex we now live in. One had 3 bedrooms and the one we took has 2. Our  young son was with us when we looked at the units. The 3  bedroom was as nice as the 2, but although it had the extra room, I felt uncomfortable there. Later I asked our son, which house he liked best and to my surprise he said this one and that he didn't like the other one at all ( meaning the 3 bedroom I had felt uncomfortable in).  As predicted This unit has a good, happy atmosphere and we have been very happy here...however....

Things started happening very soon after we had moved in. They first happened to our son. I was unpacking upstairs. My son was running around and playing in the master bedroom while I unpacked in the bathroom. All of a sudden he came running with a terrified look on his face, eyes wide and he said, "He was frowning at me!!!" He made a mean looking frown with his own face and I asked who he was talking about. "The old man. He was frowning like this, and then he winked at me!" He replied. I was a bit concerned so I took his hand and got him to lead me where he had seen the old man. He pointed at the built in closet. The door was closed and I saw nothing.

 I told my son that  there was nothing here that would harm him and he seemed to be happy and didn't mention it again. I didn't either. My boy has a bright imagination and I knew if I pressed him the old man would become a 10 legged monster with pink and blue spots or something equally unbelievable.

During the months to come things unexplained would happen. A toy CD player, which can't play without the CD in it, started up in his bedroom while we were both alone together downstairs. We heard the CD door open and close, the music start, then stop the door open and close again. We held hands and slowly went upstairs to find the CD player still turned off as we had left it. I examined it over and over. Maybe the cat started it off, maybe an elecrical glitch (it's battery operated) but no. It will not play without a CD in the CD drive, but we both heard it very loudly and clearly. "How could that happen?" my son asked me. I told him I don't know but that I was sure nothing would hurt any of us. I really felt that. This continued to happen but only once every couple of months.

We've both seen a shadow in the basement. My son will not go down there alone, even for a favorite toy. I can give you details of other happenings here, but there are so many I'll get on with my son's "old man" story for now.

Almost exactly a year after my son's sighting of the old man, his was sitting on my lap in the back yard, in late May, chatting about diffierent things when suddenly he went a bit quiet and thoughtful and then he asked, "Mommy, can I tell you something?" Not expecting him to say anything out of the ordinary I told him to go ahead."Well, there's an old man that lives with us here in this house. He's dead, but he is still living".

A bit shaken I tried to stay calm and asked him if the man minds us staying here and he replied confidently, "Well he doesn't like it..but...well he doesn't really mind". Then he said,"He visits the neighbours", and he pointed, not to the main level as you might expect, but up at the bedrooms and he pointed his finger as if to mark a path from my neighbours bedroom on our left, through our bedrooms and into the neighbours bedrooms on the right of us. I asked why the old man visited the neighbours and he said, "Well he really likes them".

My son has told my daughter that an old man stands in the back yard and looks up at his bedroom window. We have an old man living nearby but my son maintains it's not the old man he has seen. When our dog had to be put down my son said he knew she was ok because an old man came into his bedroom at night to visit him and our dog was with him. I put it down to a small child's way of comforting himself over the loss of his beloved pet, but who knows?  Like with my daughters, he'll probably  tell me when he is grown and I'll know if he really saw something,  or  if he was making it up for fun. I've always tried not to talk about family ghost stories around my son, because I know he would start making up stories of his own, but by age three it's possible he overheard a story which got his imagination going...but I don't think it's the case concerning the old man sighting, because he was so sincere about it, and the first sighting initially  terrified him.  My son has seen other people that we can't here on our street and in our previous home when he was very young.

Anyway, in the basement recenly something flicked my ear one night when I was practicing my guitar and it bloody hurt. I couldn't see what could have caused to sensation because it was so pronounced. For the first time here I was a bit freaked out because if something can hurt you like that what else can it do? But I had the sense that it was in play. I turned around and said in a firm loud voice. "Don't touch me or anyone in this house again! I'm happy you are here and in a way I find it comforting to know you are around and I'm not alone, but touching is not aloud!" I was very uneasy sorting laundry late that night, before bed and felt I was being watched.

A few days ago I could swear someone put a hand on my back late one evening, again while I was practicing guitar. I turned around and said hello. Nothing was there. It could have been a bit of static, or sweat as it was a warm evening. I try to keep an open mind. Many things have happened in the basement. I get the feeling it's not the same entity as the one upstairs.

Our thanks go out to the witness who has kindly shared these experiences with us. Have you had a similar experience? Do you have any information that you would like to add? If so, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.