The following was sent to us in 2013, but the event described happened in 2009:

"Hi,I have sent you my original email that I sent to the Niagara Historical Society below. Following that is their reply. I didn't look into the matter after that, but I keep thinking there is something to it. In my mind I can still see her almost floating as see moved through the graveyard.

27/02/2011 3:35 PM,

"Hello,My wife and I joined two other couples the summer of 09 to tour the Town site as well as the surrounding Wineries. I wanted to ask someone about something I saw one evening while walking back to the main area from eating at the Anchorage. We were skirting  a cemetery and the rest of the group were ahead of me as I was taking in all the scenery. I had gazed across the cemetery a few times while walking around on the sidewalk without seeing anyone. The next time I looked there was a woman alone moving across the cemetery. I watched her because she was dressed in a beautiful but plain floor length white gown and seemed strange. She was moving quickly but just walking, I then moved into the yard to see her better as she was moving toward the back of the church between another building. I went around the church on the closer side to me so I could see her emerge on the other side. She didn't come out the other side. I walked back through to the back between the church and the other building where she did, I saw no sign of her or any doors close where she may have gone in. I don't know why I was so interested, but she looked so out of place and moving with such determination that I was just drawn to watch her. I am not sure which church it was or why I am writing you now as it happened quite a while ago. I caught up with my group and asked my wife if she had seen a lady all dress up in a white gown, she hadn't. I never said another word about it until now. If this makes any sense to someone in your society please let me know.


I got this response from them back in 2011.

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Sent: March-03-11 1:57 PM
Re: 2009 visit to Niagara on the Lake

"Hello XXXXX,The Church cemetery you are speaking of is most likely St. Mark's Anglican Church ( from your description.  It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the town.  I don't know of any particular stories that may explain the woman that you saw, however you could try contacting the Church.  They have an archives committee that knows a lot about the history of the cemetery and the church and might be able to provide you with information of similar sightings or a story that might back what you saw.There are many claims of ghostly sightings in this town.  Some call it one of the most haunted towns in Canada.  There are ghost tours that run out of Fort George (  You could get in touch with the person who runs the tours.  He has written a book which compiles many ghost sightings in Niagara-on-the-Lake and he may know of another person's experience that matches yours."

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