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We received the following report in May 2010, but the events described happened in previous years. Please note that for the sake of privacy, safety, and comfort of the current owners we will not publish the name of the business nor the exact address nor will we  make it available.


"These are just some of the accounts that I can remember right now. I have a few people that have their own stories from this business, and private home.

My account of ghosts at (exact address removed for privacy)  Elora, Ontario. My husband and I bought a restaurant in Elora on March 3rd 2004. We also rented the apartment above the restaurant, where my daughter also lived with us. 

My husband and I moved to Elora a couple of weeks before our daughter to get things ready for the family. My first incident was only a few days into our stay. I was in my bedroom and the door has a little window in it. I saw who I thought was my grandson  looking through the window. I went to open the door and no one was there. Right away I thought there was the ghost of a little child about the age of 10. Not sure if it was a boy or girl. My husband not believing in ghosts at all just thought I was seeing things.

While working at the restaurant I was standing in the doorway of the kitchen talking to 2 of my staff. All of the sudden a glass jumped off of the shelf and into the sink. The sink was about 2 feet away and it did not touch the counter in-between. We just looked at each other and ran out of the quickly.

Spoons and the clock would fall off hooks on the wall many times. We did ask the previous owner about ghosts. He said he was working by himself in the kitchen one night. He saw a lady walk through wearing a blue party dress. He ran out and never worked alone again.

My husband found dimes all of the time. It was really scaring him. It got to the point that every time he turned around there was another dime or a pile of dimes. One evening he was really freaked. He had bought me some roses. They were sitting on the bar in a vase. Robb thought that someone had taken one of my roses. He looked at the floor and there were petals on the floor in between his feet and a dime on either side. That upset him. He went up to the washroom and what do you think he found, in the toilet there was another dime!

It was early in the day when I went up to our apartment leaving my husband in the restaurant cooking. While opening the door to my bedroom I noticed (I thought it was my husband) a man standing looking out of my bedroom window. Looking down onto the patio on the Grand River. When I walked into the room as I was saying "what are you doing up here"? He was gone. It was a tall man wearing a long trench coat.

My daughters and I would see people walking down our driveway and then there was no one! This would happen many times a day. You would have to go upstairs to our public washrooms. There was a very large window in the hallway. My daughter once saw someone wave at her and she waved back then thought that it could not have happened because the window was at least 5 feet above ground level. My daughter had seen her whole body including her feet!"


Our thanks go out to the witness and her family for sharing these experiences with us. She has been in contact with the current tenants who reportedly have not experienced anything unusual at this time, however, if this sound familiar or you believe you may have further information that could shed some light on this haunting, or you have had a similar experience in Elora please do contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.



We received this secondary report from another family member on May 25th 2010:

"I'm not really sure when I first saw her, but there was a woman that walked by my room at night. (I did not have a door on my room). The woman was wearing a white dress, perhaps a wedding dress and, a veil covering her face. She also was not wearing any shoes. She would walk by my room in full view (not out of the corner of my eye) and would disappear before reaching the archway (about 1 foot), a opening beside the doorway. The first time she tried to enter my room, she was halted at the doorway by what I can only describe as and angel. I could see the angel faintly behind, a glowing figure with short curly white hair (no wings of course) and a long flowing white gown.

The second time the woman flew threw the wall, screaming at my friend in a foreign language. My friend would not sleep by herself in that house anymore, insisting on sharing my bed.

One time, my sister and a few of her friends came to try too exorcise at least the spirit from my room. They used sage and talked aloud to try to make the spirits leave. I hadn't really thought anything would happen but, when I woke up in the morning, my room was a bigger mess than it usually was. My glasses, while usually on my bedside table, were across the room on my desk. My CD player had also moved across the room from its normal place to sit on top of my record player. Some things that were normally at the bottom of my closet were strewn across the floor and boxes from a stack in a corner were over by the doorway.

In the restaurant (downstairs) sometimes when you were sitting at the bar you would see out of the corner of your eye, a set of legs pass the window, When you looked properly no one passed the second window, and no one went back by the first. In the kitchen of the restaurant the spoons would fall off the walls almost daily."

Our thanks and appreciation go out to this family for sharing their experiences with us.

The witness has recalled, and kindly shared with us these further odd incidents from this location:


'I had my office upstairs in the apartment. We had a doorbell in the restaurant. If I was needed, someone would ring the doorbell and I would go down to the restaurant. During the night (the restaurant was closed). While we trying to sleep the doorbell would go off many times through the night. I remember so many nights; I would put the receiver of the doorbell under pillows and blankets so we could sleep.

Another incident that I think was different than our regular man, woman and child ghost. One night about midnight, we were closed but sitting at the bar with a friend. All of the sudden a black/gray ball came in from the bathroom doorway, passed us, went down through the restaurant then back up and out the restaurant front door. Robb and I just looked at each other and said, "did you see that"? I wanted him to tell me so I would be sure he saw the very same thing. Well, we did see the same thing."