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Upon first sight of the Inn (3:30pm) I could picture it in an old black and white photograph. It seemed to emanate a long and rich history as a meeting place and as a place of business.

Once inside the house I felt this even more - the store seemed like it hadn't changed in a hundred years except for the products on the shelf.

During the first stages of my observation (while filling out the questionnaire after the initial meeting and before dinner), I experienced what could be described as a definite weakness in my knees while ascending the stairs for the first time. It was as though there were an increase in gravity pulling me downward - not comfortable at all. This subsided as I reached the top and made my way to the back (towards the small bathroom). Nothing unusual about the bathroom except that it was extremely cramped and no place for claustrophobics! Upon entering the laundry room, however, I experienced a buckling in my knees once again and far more pronounced as it was accompanied by a strong vertigo. I stood there for a short time to see if it would pass - it did not. I exited the room and things returned to normal, then re-entered to experience the swimming dizziness yet again. I then chose to leave the room, making a mental note to set a tape recorder up there which I did after dinner.

Other rooms in which I experienced strange sensations were:

Room D - (about 8:30 pm) where I experienced a sense of pressure which escalated as I approached the back of the room, culminating in a slight headache-like jabbing between my eyes which went away as I retraced my steps backward.

The Dining room (around 5pm), which was either simply extremely hot and stuffy enough to cause discomfort (or perhaps it was something else)?

The Conference Room, which was not as oppressive but gave me an impression of activity although it was empty at the time (also around 5pm). It was also notably cooler than the other rooms at the time I first went in. During dinner I kept hearing thumping noises coming from behind me near the outside door - I would turn around each time to find absolutely nothing out of place - it got to the point of being distracting.

When Steve showed us the Basement seemed oppressive but I believe this was more spatial and not paranormal (due to clutter low headroom and cramped quarters).

The Kitchen held an air of mystery - especially after hearing the cook was uncomfortable being there that evening. Once it was vacated, (later, around 10pm) I took pictures and thought to set up a tape recorder but the ongoing conversation in the next room would have made this difficult. I chose instead to place a recorder in Room D (where I had experienced the brief jabbing headache).

The only time I experienced discomfort in the Fleur-de-lis room was when several people were drawn in there at once (about 4-5 of us in the room at once - I did not make note of the time). At that, it was a slight vertigo but nothing more.

My strangest observation (around 5:30pm) involves a door upstairs (the one marked "Emergency Exit" which led to stairs leading to the kitchen). From behind me I heard it open and close a couple of times in a row, then looked over my right shoulder to see it closed. I then tuned back to what I was doing and within 30 seconds heard a banging again, turned and saw it open and close before my very eyes, 3 times rapidly in succession, opening a distance of about 1.5 - 2 inches each time. When open I did not see anyone through the gap or any shadows to indicate there was someone on the other side. My partner was there at the time and heard the door but did not turn around in time to see anything. My first thought (and the other researcher's) was one of logic - that there was a draft created from someone opening the outside door to the kitchen downstairs. Perfectly logical until I realized the door had been CLOSED to begin with. Drafts don't often open doors that are latched shut, and it was a newer door with a good doorknob and it fit quite snugly in it's frame - no play around the latch to allow shifting or banging. At this time unfortunately I had not started taking photographs, but I took several of that door later on, as every time I walked by it was in a different position - wide open, shut tight, slightly ajar... of course this was not unusual in itself, only after what I'd seen and heard.

In summary, although I personally did not experience any apparitions or sightings (with the exception of the door scenario), my impression was that the house definitely holds the energy of more than one entity. I did not feel threatened in any way and would definitely go back. It is my impression that the entities there are benevolent and mean no harm, but should be treated with respect (as should be the case when dealing with any haunting).

- Tamara Z.