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Please Note: This is a site devoted to cataloging ghost stories from across Ontario and is not related to or run by the St. Anne's Inn itself. If you wish information about this beautiful inn or for bookings, please surf to their own website (click here) for more information.

The gorgeous country estate that is St Anne's Country Inn & Spa is located in Grafton Ontario. A wonderful spot, where the inn's natural setting and charm are conducive to a most relaxing vacation. The inn was originally built in 1857 as a summer home for the Masseys, a wealthy and prestigious Toronto family. It later change hands and was owned by a Texas oil baron for a time. In the 1980's it was purchased by the present owners and has been operated as a luxury spa ever since.

However, the inn's corridors hold a possible legend. Over the years the apparition of a teenage boy has been experienced in parts of the inn where guests have reported hearing his laughter. The stories also includes the spectral visions of two elderly ladies in hooded cloaks, who are seen roaming the hallways of one of the inn's wings.

Whom or what these apparitions may be is anyone's guess. No one has positively identified them.

Update: In follow up to this report, we've talked to the staff of the inn who all seem to report that the legends and stories are most likely just that... legends and stories brought about by an attractive, older, historic home.

Also, we've had a plethora of e-mails from people telling us of the wonderful experience at the spa and how they will be returning. So, far from being a "spooky" or "unwelcoming" place, the spa and inn seem to be a truly restful and beautiful spot. If there are "spirits" at the inn, one should almost be happy for them having to spend an eternity in this spectacular spot.

Update June 2006:

Just came across your site while looking for St. Anne's and I had to tell you my story.

My mother and I were guests at the spa four years ago. After a wonderful day of treatments, we were getting ready for dinner. I went into the bathroom and when I came out a few minutes later, I found my mother trapped in a giant wooden armoire that had "flown" off the wall and encased her between a couch and the floor.

My mother is a very petite woman who couldn't possibly wrench a 5 foot wide, 8 foot tall, 600+ pound piece of furniture from where it stood, simply by taking a jacket off a hanger, which is what she had been doing. Without thinking about what I was doing, I lifted the armoire up and put it back against the wall!

Although shaken, my mother was not the least bit hurt, she had in fact fit perfectly in the space inside - which is quite remarkable considering there was about an inch of space around her on either side. She said that it felt as though the armoire had lifted up and gently cradled her inside.

We called the front desk and a handy man showed up promptly. When I jokingly asked him about ghosts in the room he got quite pale and later, the owner came by to tell us that there had been visits in our room before, but all quite playful. We didn't feel threatened by the presence, and went on to enjoy our weekend and slept very well.

Still, when I think back to the experience, and how my mother was carefully pushed into the safe recess of the armoire, and how I simply picked it up afterwards, well, there's no doubt in my mind that we were not alone.

And yes, like many others, I do plan on returning!

Our thanks to the witness and her mother for sharing this report with us. - Sue Darroch - Director

If you have had an experience at St Anne's Country Inn & Spa or can add further information we would appreciate hearing from you. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Update May 2009

"My wife and I just returned from a very romantic and relaxing overnight trip to the beautiful hills of Grafton, Ontario. St. Anne's Country Inn and Spa with one of the best and most friendly staff ever encountered. Interesting enough, tranquility and relaxation was not the only natural phenomena we experienced; there was an un-natural one as well.

At around 12:30 am, after a full day of aqua therapies, saunas and exquisite meals, we decided to return to our cozy Victorian room, also known as the Blue room. It is located in one of the oldest part of the building. The room itself was very simple, and tastefully decorated. The stairs leading to the room, were exactly like those described in any gothic novel; very beautiful and at the same time, rather mysterious. Its walls boasted a few antique portraits. One in particular, gave us the chills. The picture was that of a little girl and her cat.

As you could imagine, as soon as we hit the pillow we both fell asleep. Later on, wife and I were woken by a very loud sound as if someone was coming up the stairs. As I looked over to the alarm clock, it was exactly 2:29 am.

Fully awake and full of excitement, I decided to quickly open the door. At that moment, my mind wanted it to be just a hotel visitor returning to his/her room, but my eyes on the other hand, wanted to see something else.

They were both wrong.

As I opened the door nothing was there. My wife panicked and decided to spent the rest of the night with the lights on and the pillow covering her ears. Myself on the other hand, fell asleep very fast with the only thought on my mind. Believing that for the first time I have experienced paranormal activity.

Even though it was a somewhat scary moment, at no time did we fell threatened, it was just like being visited by a very friendly ghost.

We will certainly be back!"

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this eerie childhood experience with us. If you have experienced something similar or can add to the information found here please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality will be assured.

Update March 2011

"This experience took place at St. Anne's Spa, in one of their rooms (I forget which room I stayed in).  It was nighttime, and I was in bed reading a book, when all of a sudden I started to feel a presence in the room.  I looked up at the chandelier and the room started to look blurry and fuzzy, and something black and round (like an orb) zoomed past me.  Then ten minutes later, my makeup bag that was sitting firmly on a ledge fell on the floor really loudly and abruptly, spilling my makeup everywhere on the floor.  It's as if something forcefully pushed it off the ledge.  

I have researched other haunting reports in St. Anne's Spa and so far have come across a few that have 'paranormal' experiences in several of the buildings...from my research it does seem that there is definitely paranormal activity in the premises, but have not been able to pinpoint/verify the sources or any specific details as to who or what it could be."
Our thanks goes out to the witness for sharing her experience with us.