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This was recently sent in by another reader...

In and around November, 1998, my friend and I took a Feng Shui class at Eaton Hall. Oddly enough, my friend and I are writing a book of our own on local hauntings, and the story of the "little man in the little room" (the circular one near the elevator, I believe,) intrigued us.

We went on a tour of the upstairs corridor where the door is located and locked. It's been locked, I believe, forever! I definitely felt that there was something behind the door and my friend, kidding around for the class I suppose, knocked on the door and said "hello in there" or something like that.

What happened next still makes the hair on my neck stand on end, since in a very clear, very small voice, we heard, "HEY!" I guess he was annoyed at us for having disturbed him. Several people in the group also heard it and decided to hightail it out of there rather quickly. I do believe in the "little man in the little room."

The following is another addition sent to us by one of our readers...

Regarding Eaton Hall

A few years back, my wife (fiancé at the time) and I were perusing places for wedding receptions. Part of our hunting included Eaton Hall. I remember feeling somewhat uncomfortable in the building and we both agreed it wasn't what we were looking for.

Recently, an acquaintance of mine told me he worked at Eaton Hall while attending college. When I told him I read there were supposedly "ghosts" where he worked, he replied "of course there are." Apparently, he and another staff member witnessed a semi-transparent figure void of colour from behind staring out of a window in an empty room - it was a woman dressed in turn of the century clothing.

Although this person doesn't wish to talk about it for fear of being labelled negatively, I felt this point of interest must be brought to light. Although I have difficulty believing in ghosts, I also have difficulty not believing this person's testimony since they are also an honest friend.

A Lost Update sent to us a few months ago as we were switching servers. Unfortunately, it got lost in the shuffle but we've added it back. Many thanks to the person who submitted it for bringing this to our attention...

I was a staff member at Eaton Hall in 1983. One of my tasks each night was to check the hall and make sure everything was alright... like a security patrol. I was about to leave when my girlfriend at the time came up and wanted to go on a late-night campus tour. I figured it should be ok, since it was close to 11:30pm or so at night and we wouldn't disturb anybody.

It was late December and it gets pretty cold at night, so my "last rounds" were done pretty fast.

When we arrived at Eaton Hall, I opened up the front door and as I did, the lights in the front hall, and the fountain suddenly and without "human assistance" started up! This was unlike any thing that I had ever seen before and made the hair on my neck stand up.

There was also a picture of Mrs. Eaton above the fire place, and recall that she would follow you with her eyes, any way you looked. This was just a few things that happened within the first 5 minutes of being inside the great hall.

We walked around the upstairs halls and checked the doors and heard what sounded like elevator music down stairs. Needless to say, this was also a little out of the norm.

So having heard this, we ran down the great winding stair case passed the totem pole and into the front hall. All of a sudden the music stopped, and a humming noise begain very loudly in the banquet hall. (This is just to the right of the fountain as you came in the front doors,)

Suddenly, the "elevator music" started up again, and the contrast of music and humming was really starting to get to us. I walked into the banquet hall and yelled out "Hello!" a few times. Every time I yelled, the humming would stop. I then left the room and the humming started up again.

Of note, to me the humming was very calm like and sounded like an angels voice but either way, all this was just a little much for us to take, so we ran out the front doors and have never been back since.

Effectively, I quit my job right on the spot!!!