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We arrived early on Sunday. The crew consisted of one of our staff members Tamara Zyganiuk, Ingrid, Rick, Derek, Melissa, Frank, Another Derek and myself.

This time, we would document doors that were open or closed as well as if lights were on or off as well as take LOT'S of pictures, video and tape recordings.

We noted right away that this night seemed (I guess the word "felt" would be better here) MUCH quieter than the previous investigation (which was not necessarily a bad thing,) and away we went.

I guess for now, until we finalize ALL our notes, I will give you what we already have documented and had happen...

Tamara Zyganiuk and Matthew were the first "victims" if you will... They were outside commenting on how quiet the evening had been and Tamara suggested "riling up" the ghosts as we did the first time... Matthew and her walked towards the mini studio and all of a sudden heard a THUD! They casually looked back and noticed a four-foot piece of wood had landed on the floor behind them. One of the studio engineers came running forward due to the noise and asked, "Who did this?"

Matthew and Tamara giggled slightly and shrugged... The engineer then replaced the wood and said "Y'know, this HAS happened this before."

The effort was minimal and the wood not-so-big. one of our staff members said it best when she said the thought going through her mind was "Is that the BEST you can do?"

Of note, later on in the evening, Matthew was warned to be careful by one of the Psychics from the seance that William Merritt really did not like him and could/would hurt him. The warning was semi-heeded but not taken too seriously... Had Mr. Merritt wished to do harm, he had had ample opportunity and so far had been kind.

Next event was up at the "Crying Baby Room" or CKTB's boardroom. Matthew was about to enter the room when once again, he felt the same presence he had noted from last visit at the top of the stairs. He could not see anything but felt the "charge" of the room.

Not wanting to "miss the opportunity", he called on one of our staff members and asked her to enter the room without giving her details on what to expect. As a matter of fact, he slightly mislead her by saying "See if anything's changed in there or if it's my imagination."

Tamara managed to just BARELY cross the threshold, stopped, noted the same feeling then got a small static like shock on her ear. Both Matthew and Tamara backed out of the room.

Again, to ensure a "good documentation", Matthew called up to the Derek who had not experienced anything the first time during the investigation and one of our staff members and Matthew sent Derek into the room to check it out again without prompting him to look for anything in particular.

Derek made it just past the threshold of the room, stopped dead, turned and looked very perturbed. He then slowly and methodically backed out of the room (much to the amusement of one of our staff members and Matthew).

Derek, who the first investigation at Merritt House, had managed to not feel or experience anything apparently ventured further into the room than one of our staff members and Matthew did and for his trouble had the same "panic attack/thump in the chest/winded" feeling that Toni, David, Allan, a now cancelled radio program on the paranormal's Webmaster, one of our staff members and Matthew had had the last investigation.

In an e-mail after reading this section, Derek wrote to Matthew...I'd like to emphasize how strong of a "punch" I felt in the boardroom.. I had indeed felt "spooky feelings" at the top of the stairs and some other places, but nothing near as strong as the boardroom one. I say this because you mention my experience as being the same as some other top-of-the-stairs incidents, but the people feeling those seemed a bit happy-go-lucky in relation to what I experienced. Maybe you guys are just more used to it. :)